A trip to Zoo Taiping

By in Place and Events on September 28, 2010

Ever go to Taiping? Without a doubt, Zoo Taiping sure is the biggest attraction in Taiping. Several newspaper have declared that Zoo Taiping is even better than Zoo Negara. Recently I went to Zoo Taiping with my friends. Suprisingly the price has increased a lot. If you wish Zoo Taiping, better prepare RM20 at least. RM12 for entry ticket, and the rest for food and drink.

The price maybe expensive as hell but I am sure you will get a good body shape once you finish the expedition. Aside normal looking Zoo, Zoo Taiping know how to leverage the attraction point by creating a fake Safari; so called Night Safari. I never go to Night Safari yet but most people I know prefer the day Zoo since you can see the animals clearly. However some of my friends prefer Night Safari as they can see certain rare animals show up. Yup, certain animal show during the day while some only appears during night.

And a piece of advice from me, make sure you went there before 6 pm or after 8 pm as the Zoo closed during the timeline.

  • Normal entry: RM12.00
  • Night Safari: RM16.00

Price maybe a bit expensive since visitors are allowed to bring camera without additional charge. The reason is simple, although you don’t paid for camera since you don’t bring one, you actually can use mobile phone camera to take pictures. Besides that, price maybe slightly differ if you are living in Taiping (based on your IC address).


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