Expo WUS 2010

By in Place and Events on March 10, 2010

WUS is one of the university requirement subject in USM. WUS is a subject that teach students about entrepreneurship. One of the task that need to be fulfill by students who take this subject is to open their own business and then make complete report about it. Despite that, food and drink business are not allowed.

Compare to last year and two years before, expo for WUS 2010 (3 Mac) was not held around Lecture Hall anymore but was held at Lembaran Cafe. I am sure the idea to choose Lembaran Cafe as expo base is a good idea since there are a lot of people around Lembaran Cafe than Lecture Hall.

Okay, firstly lets see the award for The Most Attractive Booth. There it is. Looks simple but the birds origami sure make this booth stand out among others.

As usual, every year there are students that sell cactus, computer accessories, clothes, and brooch. Oh, there is also students that sold writing tools. Although such items bring little profits, you can easily ‘pau’ your friends money by forcing them to buy it. I am sure they are not stingy enough to spend few dollars for the one called friends.

Although selling computer stuffs looks easy and has a lot of potential customer, in reality selling computer stuffs is a hard task. The price of technology based products are always changing. Not only you need to update the price list regularly, but you also need to rotate your modal properly. This is because the price for technology products keep going down thus you will have a lot of problem if you buy a product a lot and cannot manage to sell them. Compare to computer stuffs, selling clothes might not be hot as computer products. But you need to remember that the prices for clothes never going down and always up. So, every business has pros and cons. It’s up to you to choose. There it is, just a tips from me to anyone that wish to start their own conventional business.

In this year WUS Expo, I find some booth to sell interesting items that I never see in WUS Expo before. One of them is Gundam. I managed to snap a close look of the Gundam. If I am not mistaken, the display one should be Gundam Wings. Cool huh. If you like to play Jigsaw Puzzle, you should find setup your own Gundam to be interesting.

Then, there is a booth that sell sports equipment such as badminton rackets and basketballs.

Oh, looks like the popularity of One Piece and Naruto finally arrived USM. This booth that is taken care by a few girls sold One Piece and Naruto keychain for less than RM10. I am sure it will cost more than RM10 if you buy those keychains online.

Lastly there is a booth that sold shoes. I never found a WUS booth that sold shoes before but it is not really hard to get supplier for shoes. You can find a lot in Parit Buntar. You see the guy with white tee was scratching his hair. Looks like these students are dedicated to study. Even in such condition (including dancing performance by cute girls) they can manage to study. Wow!

For your information, 2010 Wus Expo has some surprised. Who knows that there would be a fantastic dancing competition at the night of the WUS Expo. This dancing event is participate by both USM Engineering and USM Main Campus students. Combining the expo and the dancing performance, it’s not wrong if I said that WUS 2010 Expo looks like mini JomHeboh. Since the date of Wus Expo clashed with Career Fair, I do not sure whether the dancing performance is really for the expo or apart of Career Fair mini activities. (Sorry for the poor quality since I am only using 3.2 Mega Pixels camera phone for this blog post pictures).

Do you know who is the happiest for this expo? Of course Geeza Enterprise. I can see a lot of students buying Ice Blended at Geeza. Myself already tried a few Geeza ice blended. For now, I find Strawberry Vanilla and Chocolate Vanilla to be the most delicious. Talk about Geeza, I am sure their idea to open a mini 7-eleven in USM is a good choice. And yeah, their price is standard and perhaps is cheaper than Mahasiswa Shop. Before this no one think to open mini shop at Lembaran Cafe. Probably they already set their mind that cafe should be a place to eat. Despite normal groceries, Geeza provided t-shirt printing too.

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