Tired of Angry Birds? Try this new Android game that get 50 k downloads in one month

By in Entertainment on April 13, 2012

In Mac 2012, Accurve Solutions has published a game called Where’s My Chicken  for Android. This game seems simple but somehow has attracted a lot of interest till it manage to get 50,000 downloads in matter of a month.

where s my chicken

To me, this is a huge achievement especially for a game that is developed by Malaysian.

After the success of Les Copaque in animation industry, I believe Malaysia can break the limiter wall in gaming industry too. Maybe this is the beginning.

What’s so good with Where’s My Chicken?

Feeling curious…??

Well… just install the application in your phone and try it yourself. I am sure you will sunk into the game.

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These are other interesting Android applications made by Accurve Solutions.

Space Express -  Space Express is a physics game with an exciting twist. Launch humans, rats and even anvils into space as you race to deliver packages as fast as possible. Match different packages with different thrusters to reach the orbiting space stations. Try to save money and experiment to reach even higher scores while competing with your friends.

Rhythm Bot – Do you fancy yourself as musically talented? Have you ever thought a Musical Genius lurks beneath your unassuming exterior? Why don’t you pit your musical abilities against Rhythm Bot and find out?

Check them out here.

One thought on “Tired of Angry Birds? Try this new Android game that get 50 k downloads in one month

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    Yes, it’s simple yet nice to play when you have plenty of time to kill while in the train! hehe..