Virtual drive for Vista

By in Software Reviews on January 1, 2010


My favourite virtual drive is Alcohol 120 but the software seems to not work properly in windows Vista. I still remember when my sister’s laptop suddenly shutdown a few seconds after windows vista load. The reason for the error is the Alcohol 12o software since the software is not compatible in Vista. However do not worry because there are still other choices besides Alcohol 120.

What is Virtual Drive

If in some case there are still readers that do not know what is virtual drive, I explain it here. One main purpose of virtual drive is to convert real CD into virtual CD so that you can run them directly from your hard disk. That means you don’t need to use the real CD anymore.

Power ISO virtual drive (view)

My friend who has problem regarding Alcohol 120 problem in Vista use this virtual drive as replacement. Works like charm. Power ISO allows you to open, extract, create, edit, compress, encrypt, split and convertĀ ISO files, and mount these files with internal virtual drive.

Magic ISO virtual drive (view)

Besides virtual drive, Magic ISO also has extra features to backup CD/DVD into your hard disk and make bootable CD/DVD.

Virtual Clone Drive – FREEWARE (view)

I never try virtual clone drive yet however a lot of people claim that there manage to install this virtual drive software in vista. Furthermore it is free of charge. Highly recommend.

Daemon Tool for vista (view)

Daemon Tool is another famous virtual drive application. However some claim that it can’t work in Vista. But that is long time ago. I am sure they have daemon tool version for vista.

Alcohol 120 vista version (view)

alcohol 120

Although I said that Alcohol did not work in vista, there is a few blogger that claim there is already vista version for alcohol 120 available. I don’t know whether it will work or not but you can give it a try. Furthermore, the latest release of Alcohol supports Windows 7 too. So I think it is not impossible if it could work in vista.

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