Olympee Sports Carnival

By in Place and Events on March 14, 2010

Known as Schooldetto before, the sports carnival for USM Electrical and Electronic Engineering is re-branding to Olympee. In this carnival, you can see a lot of students compete in various games. Football, badminton, ping pong, volleyball and others.

In this year sports carnival, the organizer promote new events that I think will make Olympee more fun and enjoyful. If you are an EE students, do participate in Cross Campus (marathon) that will be held on March 21. Not only it’s free but you have high chance to get certificate too.

Besides marathon, the idea to promote Tug War (tarik tali) is really good. Before this, only students with high agility and marvelous in sports can win prizes. By promoting Tug War, the chance for students without athletic ability to win prizes are higher. Since Tug War final will be held during the last day of Olympee closing ceremony, Tug War can be said as a major event in Olympee.

About the logo, at first I have designed a logo for this sports carnival but it got rejected. I don’t know why.

Perhaps it looks a lot like a PokeBall.

And here is the [intlink id=”977″ type=”post”]formal logo for Olympee[/intlink].

Some said that this logo is too simple and not attractive. But looking at professional company, most of them have very simple logo. Shell with their seashell, celcom with their bird and KFC with the old man. Even so, they managed to make their company top and the logo to be well known. That is the power of simplicity. Simple means professional.

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