Two yahoo email ID in the same account

By in Website Reviews on January 20, 2010

Sometimes, you need more than one email ID. Maybe you need an account for friends and another account for business purpose. However do you know that you can have 2 yahoo email ID but using the same mail box?

This feature in Yahoo mail really help me. Originally, I have an email account that are using weird nickname. In my opinion such nickname is not suitable for education purposes. Thanks to Yahoo mail.  I can have extra email ID without the need to register for new accounts.

The benefit of extra Yahoo mail ID is that

  • any message that send to any of your ID will goes to the same mail box.
  • Besides that, you can choose the ID that you want to use for sending message.
  • You can login to yahoo mail by using any of those ID. Don’t worry, it will go to the same inbox.
  • Since you have two Yahoo Mail ID, you already have two Yahoo Messenger ID too. The best of all is that you can choose which ID you want to use during chatting (another way to open two yahoo messenger at the same time is by using software).

How to have 2 Yahoo Mail ID

  • Firstly login to your Yahoo Mail and choose Mail Options. Then choose Accounts and click ‘Add or Edit an Account.
  • ‘Then you will see Extra Email Adress. Press Get Started.

Then, you just need to choose the available email ID and voila, you already had you second yahoo mail ID in the same account. For your information, Yahoo only let you have a maximum of 2 yahoo mail ID. No more than that. Perhaps you can get by paying for Yahoo Mail Plus.

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