How to turn WordPress into website

By in Uncategorized on May 20, 2010

WordPress is usually used as a blogging medium. Despite that, you can also do some change at your WordPress blog so that it will look more like a website. Believe it or not, some web designers prefer to use WordPress as website platform for their client. The reason is simple, WordPress is easy to work with and almost anyone can learn how to use WordPress without much hassle.

If you think that WordPress site looks like a blog, then there are 2 reasons of that. First is the theme that the site use, and another one is the plugin. If you use normal looking WordPress theme, without a doubt it would look like a blog. And if don’t use certain plugin, your WordPress blog would be lacking on features.

You can install these plugins so that your WordPress blog can behave more as a CMS rather than blogging tools. Organize Series can let you organize content according to group. It’s good if you have posts that are related to each other. Custom post template can let you use different layout template for the post that you want. This is good if you want certain post to have certain feels or functions than the others. Categories Layout let you specify the layout for each categories.There are lot more plugins that you can try. By using proper themes and plugins, Worpress blog can be turned into a CMS website easily.

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