Transporter 3 movie reviews

By in Movie Reviews on January 2, 2009


I have not follow the sequel of transporter because it seems boring at a glance. However, I only know that this movie is really awesome once I watch transporter 3. Full of action that related to car and fighting. Trust me, you will have no time to blink your eye even for a second.

For thus that have not watch any sequel of this movie yet, transporter is about an ex-army who do job of transporting any things for a price. The best thing about Frank is his three rules that are

Rule 1: Do we have a deal?

Rule 2: No names.

Rule 3: Never open the package

If you watch transporter 1, you will know how awesome this rule at the really starting of this movie when Frank did not want to transport a group of robbers for breaking the rules by bringing extra person.

What’s new in transporter 3?


In transporter 3, Frank is forced to bring a package by a criminal although he don’t want to. The best thing is Frank’s hand is handcuffed with a bomb. If Frank goes to far from his car, he will be blown.

In this sequel, Frank needs to transport a woman that is the mysterious of this sequel. Who is the woman, what happen to the woman and many things.

The bad thing in transporter 3

The heroin is a shame for me. Transporter 3 has some part that a little boring regarding romance scene. More boring, the heroin face is not worth to watch. It is better if they could find somebody like Shu Qi of transporter 1.


Best actions in Transporter 3


The best two actions that I like in this sequel is when Frank’s car is stolen and thus he need to gain it back or he will be blown if he is too far from his car. You can see how expert Frank handle a BMX bicycle in order to take back his BMW.

Other than that, Frank shows that he is really a skill driver when he jump (with his car) from the bridge to the river in order to save himself from assasins that surround him. For the assasins, Frank is dead meat right now. If he try to save himself by swimming to the land, he will be blow because too far from his car. But of course he will die drowning if he stay with the car.

Is Frank die? He will not be the hero of transporter if he do. So, how did he survive? Watch it yourself.


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