5 reasons you should stop to use hand phone

By in Software Reviews on January 16, 2010

Nowadays hand phone has become essential tool in our life. It is really weird if you know that someone doesn’t have at least a hand phone. Even my kiddo neighbor who is 8 years old has hand phone. Damn lucky. My first hand phone is in college. While for a friend of mine that involved in business, he needs two hand phone to manage his life. One for personal use and the other for business. I am also sure that some of you have three hand phone because it is easier to manage three girlfriends with that.

Without noticing, hand phone actually is dangerous and harmful. Below I list a few reasons why you should stop to use hand phone.

You just make watch and camera companies bankrupt

Even Nokia 3310 (also called 33 sekupang) has embedded time and alarm feature in it. Since you already have a embedded clock and alarm, do you think you have a reason to buy watch and alarm clock? This is the same for camera companies. Most hand phone users already satisfied with the internal hand phone camera that have quality up to 5 mega pixel. Furthermore, hand phone is easy and light to be brought anywhere compare to digital camera.

Don’t you want children?

Hand phone user usually keep their hand phone inside trousers pocket. I am sure that this will affect your health if you received too much vibration (due to phone calls and messages). Since the vibration at your thigh and near your genital, I am worry that your genital will be affected too.

Hand phone emitted dangerous radiation

Do you know that hand phone emitted dangerous radiation while you are talking in the phone? A scientist has made an experiment by putting a hand phone besides an egg. After hour, the egg becomes a boiled egg. How long do you usually talk to your girlfriend in hand phone? Don’t you think your ear will become half boiled ear?

It will be easier for people to find you

Hand phone is really a bad tool for lazy person. By having hand phone, it will be easier for others to find you. Let say that you are wondering around to skip from job. And then your boss call to ask for another errand. You can ignore it but of course you will need to face the consequence later on. Maybe you can tell that you are in a place that is out of service.

Cheating in examination

Since hand phone has become normality in once life, it is not weird for students to bring hand phone during class or exam. Furthermore, it is not weird if students bring hand phone during exam because it is too dangerous to leave it outside the examination hall since hand phone is pricey.

However, the real problem occurs when some students misused their hand phones to cheat in examination. Just think how much of information can be stored inside a 2GB hand phone memory? There is no need to write a lot of information in a tiny paper anymore for cheating in examination. Some students even use 3G to get instant answer from the internet. 3G access is really useful for sudden quiz or test. If you are a lecturer, please aware of this.

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  1. SmellMyKetiak

    Don’t you think your ear will become half boiled ear? << LMAO. Im nw studying in college as well and i dont have a hp 🙂