The best ikan bakar in KL

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For any restaurant that I went, the ‘ikan bakar’ is usually served with ‘sambal belacan’. So I thought that Ikan bakar must be served with sambal belacan. At least that is what I thought until I went to Sekinchan Ikan Bakar in KL. If you pronounce the name too fast, it will sound lik ‘Shin Chan’. Shin Chan who loves ‘keledek bakar’ and Sekinchan who sells ‘ikan bakar’ is a similarity that quite surprising.

ikan bakar in kl

At Sekinchi Ikan Bakar, you can choose fresh fishes, vegetables, prawns, and mushrooms. You choose them just like you buy fishes in the market and then they will grill the ingredients. Be aware though. The prices is a bit pricey but the taste is awesome.


fresh ikan bakar

Just imagine the fresh grilled fish is served with Sekinchan special sauce that is not too sour and not too sweet. The sauce blends perfectly with the fish meat. The picture below shows grilled mushroom and grill salad. Since I was captivated by the grilled fish taste, I totally forgot to take picture of the grilled fish.

sekinchi ikan bakar

You can have the same experience as mine by visiting No.30, Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur and deal the taste by yourself. For the drink, Limau Ais Asam Boy and Sirap Bandung are something that I feel are well made.

sekinchi ikan bakar 2

4 thoughts on “The best ikan bakar in KL

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    pehh bro.. terliur juga aku tgk rupa dia bila dah siap bakar adalimau kat atas tu. mesti harum semerbak ni eeeee….
    ikan pon nampak fresh

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    Memang konfem sedap.. rugi tak cuba Shah.. try la.

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    ermm..memang sedap pon…aku penah cuba sekali jer…really nice…

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    wahhh dah dua org bukti ni. thanks2.. nnt nk bw family g.. hmmm terlir lg sekali 😀