Tekken The Movie

By in Movie Reviews on February 1, 2010

    Director: Dwight H. Little

    Release Date: 2010 – Not Yet Confirmed

    Actor: Jon Foo – Jin Kazama
    Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa – Heihachi Mishima

Have you ever played the Tekken game on either Playstation, Xbox, Arcade or other consoles that offer this type of fighting game??

I think most of us has or had played the game before.. Neverless try to play or see other’s playing the game. .¬† I just found this trailer on the live action movie of this game that will be coming soon on the cinema maybe on the year 2010.

Tekken Live Action movie involves around the tournament that happen in the game itself, that is, ‘ The Iron Fist Tournament ‘. A boy, Jin Kazama try to enter the tournament through¬† an open slot to get his revenge on her death mother. Will he succeed in becoming the people’s choice?? Or will he fail to beat the opponent to find her mother killer?? Can’t wait to see how this movie will be released and how the storyline compared to other’s Live Action Game Movies that has been released.

Don’t know if the movie is related to the storyline in the original game, but since Tekken game is now in the 6th edition, that is Tekken 6 on the latest console of PS3 and etc, it is unseen yet which storyline this movie follow or does it not follow any line in the game.

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