Jaya Carnival 2010

By in Place and Events on March 7, 2010

Teja (short form for Temasya Jaya) is a carnival organized by a hostel society in USM Engineering. Although it’s organized by a hostel, the participation is opened to all USM students.

As usual, you can see a lot of games and events during Teja. In Teja you can show your gaming skills by participating in PES (Professional Evolution Soccer), Counter Strike, or the most addictive game; Dota.

Dota sure is a game with lot of fans. You can see how many people watch the Dota figh in this Dota Tournament. Perhaps they want to improve their Dota skills by observing other people playing styles. 

If you don’t like Dota or PES, you can show how tough are you by playing Street Fighter. Street Fighter is quite easy compare to PES or Dota since you don’t need to use brain much.

Besides computer games, there are a few traditional games such as ‘congkak’, carom, Sahiba, and a few board games. I wished that they put card games like Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon, and pokers in this year but seems that the dreams remain dreams. I am sure Teja will be more fun with these card games.

I noticed a little late there is Chess tournament in Teja 2010. If I knew, I would surely participate in the tournament. Oh, the group behind the chess match is playing Uno Card. Although there is no poker, at least Teja has Uno. By the way, a game similar to Uno Card can also be played by using poker. Some people called the poker game as 99.

Actually I planned to participate in paint ball in this year Teja but it seems that the registration price for the paint ball is doubled compare to last year. Too bad, looks like I need to keep my wish for later. Somehow, the price for paintball can’t be helped because the price for 200 bullets already cost RM20 (if I am not wrong). There is also no Go-Kart this year. Although Go-Kart looks fun, the cost to cover the Go-Kart is really expensive and I doubt that students are interested into it since they already have cars. Why need to try the mini model if you have the real one. However, some people that used to dream to be a part of F1 team might find Go-Kart interesting.

Explorace in Teja 2010 is something that every USM students should look up. This Explorace can be said as the opening to Teja (6 Mac 2010). In this year there are a few check-point that I think awesome and brilliant. Almost like fear factor. There is a check point that involved touching eels, a check point that need you to drink juice based on your ‘Wheel of Fortune’ results, and also eating wet bread.

Despite of that, there is some clues for this explorace that I find to be high level. I am certain that even Conan and Sherlock Holmes cannot break the clue. If you’re a USM Engineering student, can you tell which location is exactly refer to ‘ Bulat Kecil, Bulat Kecil, Bulat Besar’ ? Without this clue, I am sure Teja Explorace 2010 would be too easy and not challenging. Besides the ‘bulat bulat’ clue, there is a clue that is actually hard but I found it to be simple. ‘The Oval Gilbert’, for those who do not know will have a hard time configuring who is Gilbert. Lucky I have a friend who is called Gilbert because his head is oval like rugby Ball. Yes, Gilbert is quite a famous brand for Rugby ball.

After this week, there are still a few interesting events in Teja such as Battle of The Band and Futsal that will be held on next weekend (12-13 Mac).

Ps: Congratulation to Jaya and Lembaran rugby players for winning the champion and runner-up in Sukad.

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    waa bestnya… aku x sempat nk join main karom n catur tuh…ngeh3
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    Carom ngan chess tu free je. Kalau nak masuk tournament baru bayar.. Rugi woo.