In April 2013, Yahoo has released their latest Yahoo Mail for Android to public.

So how to setup the Yahoo Mail on Android and what to do if you cannot setup it properly? Before you continue, make sure you have downloaded and installed Yahoo Mail on your Android.


How to setup Yahoo Mail on Android tablet?

Now you have Android and Yahoo Mail installed. So how to properly setup the Yahoo Mail so that it can work without any problem? First you need to open Yahoo Mail from your Android tablet. The idea here is to let Yahoo Mail accessing your device through POP or IMAP. If you are having difficulty in using POP, you can use IMAP.

The steps are quite simple but there are a step that require you to enter access information. That will be quite difficult without any guidance.

Okay, now lets do it. Grab your smartphone and pressed  or tab the Email icon. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Add Account’.

When you are you are prompt with a screen that ask for your email login information, enter your email and password and pressed ‘Manual Setup’. Then tap ‘IMAP account’ and put the details below into the correct field.

This is the incoming mail settings that you should use to setup your mail:

  • Username: Your email address (automatically populated)
  • Password: Your email password (automatically populated)
  • IMAP Server:
  • Security Type: SSL/TLS
  • Port: 993
  • IMAP path prefix: leave blank

This picture show how exactly to setup the incoming server settings on your Android.

android yahoo mail setting

Then you need to enter the outgoing server settings. Here’s the details:

Enter the outgoing mail settings:

  • SMTP Server:
  • Port: 465
  • Security Type: SSL
  • Require Sign-in: Ticked
  • Username: Your email address (automatically populated)
  • Password: Your email password (automatically populated)

Yahoo Mail problems on Android

If you can’t setup or configure Yahoo Mail on Android, and keep getting message that you enter incorrect login information, you should check those settings again of solve this question with the help of a trustworthy IT consultancy firm. Maybe you incorrectly type any details for setting. If you still have the same problem and Yahoo Mail is not working, you can try turning off the device and open it again.

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