A few month ago, my PC suddenly can’t pass the windows XP logo. This happen after I download a software from unreliable source. As the last resort, I try to format my PC.

I feel really astonished when I need to choose the partition to be format because windows detect that my hard disk has one partition only (there are actually 3 partitions) and the partition size is zero bytes. That means there is no data in my hard disk. I wonder if some virus had eaten my files.

PC Error Solved

After a lot of research, at last I know that the problem is not because virus had eaten my files but because it had eaten the partition tables of my windows. Partition tables works as a middle man between ¬†windows and the files in our hard disk. Since the middle man had been eaten, that’s why windows detect my hard disk as empty hard disk.

Most of people will feel worry about this and think that their hard disk has corrupted or broken. Don’t worry, there is a tool to repair partition table easily.¬†

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You have work to do. So, you open your PC and suddenly you notice that one of your partition is missing or can’t be accessed. That is still OK. How about the missing or damage partition is the partition that contains your Operating System (such as XP, Vista, Linux)? And sometimes computer can’t be formatted due to partition table issues. Would not you throwing your hard disk because you think that the hard disk already broken.

That is what some people always do. They never know that the hard disk maybe not broken, but only has damage partition table.

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