PC.com is not a web dress but is a magazine name for new related to gadget and technology. The website for PC.com is completely different than their web address. I am not sure why they give the name to the magazine. Maybe to make it look cool and easy to remember. This magazine is not to be confuse with the PC.com website. Both of them are different. PC.com magazine is a Malaysian made product.

For the June 2011 edition, the PC.com has two cover pages. The first cover page shows Canon Pixma printer. I am sure Canon is the premium advertiser for the month thus they need special exposure. Sincerely, I believe that the exposure is just too much. Since this is not a gadget blog, I am not going to discussed about the printer.

pc mag

Okay, now we turn the first cover page and there is another cover page. The cover page is dull. If I only see the cover page without checking the content, I doubt I am going to buy it. The cover page does not show anything related to gadget and technology.

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What is in the PC.com June 2011

News and reviews

Maxis vs Digi vs Celcom speed test – This is perhaps the most interesting factor for PC.com June 2011 edition. In this edition PC.com crew had conducted an experiment to test which carrier offers the best internet connection speed around Kuala Lumpur. To be fair, the experiment is repeated for four times but at different location. The internet connection speed is obtained by using free service that is offered by Speedest.net. Can you guest which carrier provides the best internet speed around KL?

WOW awards -  You will get some information about WOW awards. Not really informative though. Better read the one that I had written.

Dell Streak 5 review – Learn about the features available in Dell Streak 5, the benefits of having Dell Streak 5, and who is suitable to use the tablet.

Blackberry World 2011 – Get a complete review about the 10th Blackberry convention. Learn amazing facts that related to Blackberry.

Mobile phone reviews – Quick reviews on HTC Flyer tablet, iPhone 4, Droid Charge smartphone, LG Optimus Big smartphone, and Sony Tablet.

Smartphones section – Reviews on Nokia E6, Nokia X7, Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro and Sony Ericsson Xperia mini.

Mobile phones and product review

Besides the quick and average mobile phone reviews, PC.com made a complete review for these mobile phone:

  • Blackberry Playbook review
  • HTC Desire S review
  • Nokia E7 review
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace review
  • LG Optimus 2X

Get some information about gadget that related to mobile phones such as Pocketable Router

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