Dom Dom Soft software is the easiest way to download manga from online manga websites such as OneManga, MangaFox or MangaHut. Some people (especially me) do not like to read manga online due to certain reasons. For my case, I do not like to wait the page to buffer since it will disturb my mood to read manga. For some people, they like to keep the downloaded Manga as collection.

So, how to download manga using Dom Dom Soft?

Step 1:

  • After downloading the software, open it. You can use the search mode to find the related Manga. You can even filter it to the appropriate online Manga sites.
  • After you find the desired manga, double click or right click the Manga and choose Download.

dom dom soft 1


For your information, I’m an ‘otaku Manga’. Although I love to read manga, but I rarely watch anime. (Probably,  anime is slower than manga). If you’re the one who got the same interest like me, you must wonder where I get resources to read the latest manga. For me, is the best place to read manga online.

1. Onemanga has the latest episode for one piece, Naruto and Eyeshield manga.

for surely there are many more webpage can be used to read manga online but only in Onemanga only you can get hottest manga like One Piece, Naruto, and Eye shield 21. Most of the websites there have the following manga, but not all up-to-date as OneManga.

2. Onemanga take care of its readers.

How Onemanga get ‘income’ through this site? Certainly with Adsense. Imagine for reading online, you need to click next to be redirect to the next page. And imagine if an episode of the manga has 20 pages, how much money can be obtained through CPM (cost per thousand impressions)?

Quite impressive right?