sherlock holmes movie review

I am sure most of us has in mind that Sherlock Holmes supposed to lack in action and only suitable for nerd. However I am sure the Sherlock Holmes that will be play in this Christmas will change our opinion.

Just by watching the trailer, I am confident that the Sherlock Holmes cast by Robert Downey Jr will bring a new perspective towards Sherlock Holmes. In this movie, we can see a lot of action and not just dull investigation. Besides that, we can see the other side of Sherlock Holmes that are skillful in fighting. 

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If you have not watch this movie yet, it is good idea to find a 2 hours and 45 minutes to go to the cinema and watch this. There has been a long time since I get to see a really long movie after Titanic and Benjamin Button (Bollywood movie shouldn’t be count).

Feel the new world in Avatar

I feel really satisfied with Avatar graphic. This movie should not be watch at a small screen TV cause you can’t feel the wonderful graphic of this movie. Furthermore, the scripting is good enough for me. Although some said they had seen certain scenes in Avatar in a few movie before, I am sure those are just a coincidence and do not really effect Avatar story line.