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Besides MyKamus, there is another great service provided by Google for translation purpose that is Google Translate and citcat. Since this tool is provided by Google, it is nothing to be surprised to see a translator that is so great. For citcat, it is quite good as well. Since citcat is developed by Malaysian, their phrase translation is very good compared Google Translate. Both of them has their own pros and cons. You can try both.

Support many languages

This is nothing to be surprised about since Google have their company in each country. Using this tool, it helps me learning Arabic since I can use it to translate Malay to Arabic.

I am not so expert in English, so writing a blog in English is quite a hard task for me. Especially when I need to think about the exact word that need to be used in a post or article.

That’s why I always open an online dictionary; while I am writing in English. This dictionary is great because it’s not only giving the translation of the word that we type but also give other translation for the something that related to the word.

BI to BM translation

kamus online

BM to BI translation

bm bi kamus online

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