People upload thousand of files in rapidshare but we would not know what files available unless the user provide the link to his upload.

With these Rapidshare search engines, you can search all the available files at Rapidshare.

  • rapidlibrary.com
  • rapidshare-search-engine.com
  • katz.cd
  • rapidshare1.com
  • rapidshare-searcher.com
  • alivedownload.com
  • rapidoogle.com

However, Rapidshare often deleted illegal files but most of these Rapidshare search engines will still show it in their results.

Besides, privacy issue will occur too. For example, you uploaded a file that you just want to give it to your son. Rapidshare is the choice because you can upload large file at high speed. However, other Rapidshare search engine’s user may stumble across your uploaded file and download it.