It is not Digi Wow actually. The correct words should be Digi WWWOW. I don’t know whose the one that give such a crap name for such amazing awards like this. Instead of Digi WWWOW, I am sure Digi Wow has more impact and cool. One of a tips in choosing a domain name is to get something that is easy to remember and easy to write. Geez.. if there is no advertisement around the blogosphere about the awards, I bet I would never know the Digi Wow website. From this point and onward, let stick with cooler Digi WOW compared to the creepy WWOW. Yeah, I am sure you are confused in pronouncing the word. Just bear with it.

digiWOW logo

So what the awards is about? How much is the reward? How many awards are going to be given? How the awards winner are going to be decided? So much to know isn’t it? Digi WOW awards that is first time organized in 2011 is to celebrate bloggers or webmasters that contribute a lot of stuff within internet. This awards is good and should be an eye opener to the current Malaysian entertainment industry. Usually media only give attention to offline celebrities even though the online celebrities are actually the one who brought the offline celebrities by gossiping and providing related news via their blog.

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