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  • How to activate MMS and 3G

    Admin Updated on December 4th, 2014 ( 46,721 views ) 2 comments

    activate mms

    What is MMS

    MMS stands for ‘multimedia messaging service’. In contrast to SMS (short message service), phone user can send longer text message than SMS. Besides that, media such as audio, video and images can embedded in the message too.

    Nowadays, there is new style of blogging called micro blogging or live blogging. The main idea of live blogging is to send MMS (picture and text) to Flickr, and then Flickr website will handle the MMS message by automatically creating a blog post at your website based on the MMS. This should save you a lot of time in transferring picture. It is not a dream anymore to blog anywhere by using live blogging, even at a place with no internet connection.

    What is 3G

    3G is like GPRS with more speed. You can see the details here.

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