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Ever wonder why there is so many svchost.exe when you open the task manager application??

And why are there so many under different processing condition??

svchost.exe is actually a multiple service in one process that allows to save memory by reducing the process by cutting down the number of processes needed to be running.

Windows Update, Event Log, Terminal Services, Audio Service, etc. are some of the services run trough svchost.exe.

It is grouped together, hence, why you see many different name such as System and Local Service in Task Manager.

Windows XP

At command prompt ‘Run’ :

tasklist /svc

It will show what process are running under each different svchost.exe.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

In windows Vista and Windows 7, svchost.exe can be easily see what process it is running under compared to windows XP as the task manager is more enhanced.

Start Button‘ – type in taskmgr – Hit ‘Enter‘ .

When task manager appear, click on processes tab and click Show processes from all users to see all of the svchost.exe processes.

Rigth click on svchost.exe – Select go to Service (s).

You will be taken into a tab showing all the services running under different svchost.exe in highlighted.

All versions of Windows

By using a software called Process Explorer, it allows you to easily see the services running under different svchost.exe.

Download it here.

Once running :

Click on any processes – Select ‘properties’. – Click on ‘service tab’.

You will see all the running processes under the svchost.exe.

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