Speed Up IDM

By in Software Reviews on January 12, 2010

Internet Download Manager (also called IDM) is a great tool to download from internet. By default, IDM is fast enough but there is actually a way to make it more faster. Moreover, you can do it in just 5 simple steps.

5 Simple Steps In Adjusting The Setting For IDM To Make It Download More Faster

  1. Under the ‘Download‘ menu, click ‘Option‘.
  2. Search for the ‘Connection‘ tab.
  3. Select the connection type/ speed and choose ‘Lan 10Mbs‘ and turn to ‘10000000‘ next to the Lan 10Mbs.
  4. Change the default max connection number to ‘16‘, that is, the maximum number of connection.
  5. Lastly Hit the ‘OK’ button and you’re ready to go and download more faster using Internet Download Manager.

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    thanx 4 this
    iam usnign idm
    it realy fasr
    thanx agein

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    thanks for those info a happy

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