Spartacus:blood and sand series review

By in Entertainment on March 1, 2010

By looking at its title “spartacus” many perception flashing through my head and the most popular and the strongest one is its relation with word spartan..yeah..maybe this series will tell us about something related to spartan time and its legacy. Something about history that left us thousand years ago.. it was passed in about hundreds centuries. But the story and its glory remain in our life and pass through mouth to mouth. On that time, I think that i am the happiest person when starz (America tv channel) announce its intention to produce a series related to ancient history since I love history and I can sit even 5 hours to read, hear and watch anything about ancient history. It’s really interesting and amazing.

But after sometimes, I get to know that Spartacus is not about spartan heroes but it appear to be a man from Thracian ethnicity who was forced to be a roman gladiator which is played by Andy Whitfield. Spartacus is his name on that show and he actually will come back to fight against Roman Republic as a leader of all slaves. On the last week of December, the producer of this series announce that ‘there will be the second season of this show’ even on that time, the pilot of this season wasn’t aired yet.

It’s start with the co-operation between Roman and this Thracian in a war. But, the roman sub-leader Claudius Glaber to fight against Getae. It is because Getae always make problems with Thracian ethnic. But in a middle of the war, Claudius Glaber has change his plan to head east and fight Mithradates for glory after persuaded by his wife. Thracian warrior feel betrayed after heard the news from the legate and kill them. All of Thracian warrior decide to go back to their hometown. Spartacus who managed to save his wife from Getae people can’t help his ethic from being massacred and burned by Getae people.

Then, the Thracian man with several warrior from thracian ethnic were captured by Roman sub-leader, Claudius Glaber and was brought to Capua to be slaughtered in the gladiator arena. Spartacus’ wife was sold to be a slave. Then, the glorious gladiator started and all of the Thracian men was ready to be slaughtered one by one by the Roman warrior. Only one Thracian (Andy Whitfield) who was inspired by his wife word, succeed to kill another warriors on the field. Than, the leader or we may call it governor of Capua announce him to be a free man and called Spartacus. He will be trained by the famous trainer, Ludus Magnus. That’s it….

This series will show us 3 famous aspect that lie on glorious moment as a man or empire, violence and sex. After all, it will be the most violent and bloody show ever to appear on TV. But I promise you all that the show will not make us bore even the show is one hour in every episode. Enjoy watching buddies…

Ps: Spartacus is based on a legendary story. He can be said as the man of freedom, who fight for slave. You can get more info about Spartacus at Wikipedia.

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