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If Jimmy found himself a [intlink id=”1141″ type=”post”]sony ericsson k770i[/intlink] as a new gadget to replace his old motorola v36 phone, me myself found sony ericsson w705 to be my communication gadget. You can get this phone for RM720-rm780 only. After one month of usage, i found there were several features that make me really like this phone. But, at least 3 things make me feel kinda regret bought this phone. If I want to scold somebody, Jimmy is the most suitable one because he was late to post the article about ‘buy-sell’ rule for new handphone. hehehe… That’s why we always need to pay an attention to the new post and also read all the good stuffs from internet or blog to make sure we do not regret anything in the future..

Surely I want to share with you the best part of this phone first before I go to the next part….the regret one.he…

Before we go further on w705 features, let me tell and share something on its physical n looking. FYI w705 is a slider phone and come with 4 different combination colors. My w705 is silver-black color. by looking at its appearance, you can see that this phone is really stylish and exiting. I can say that w705 appearance and design is perfect for me. I love it.

This Sony Ericsson W705 is a 3G phone and for surely it has camera. The question is, how much camera it has because Sony Ericsson c901i which is 3G phone with 5.0 mega pixel camera only has one camera on the back of the phone. You can make video call but either you or your friend can see the face due to its camera which is placed at the back of the phone. With front and back camera for this w705, it’s seem to be perfect for 3G users since you can enjoy calling your boyfriends or girlfriends by looking at his or her face.

Beside that, internet is available to be used with this w705 phone through its WiFi feature. I’ve tried it several times including at my home and it’s functioning well. But, u need to have a patience heart to wait till it fully browse to your desire site since it is too slow. But it is okay because it is free if we compare with wap or other internet services.

The most perfect thing for me is its friendly user interface. I really love those shortcuts. You can easily get to your inbox, sent items, files and also any other features. Just put it on the shortcuts. To do so with the normal way, just go to menu>setting>shortcuts and choose which place do you really need to be easily accessed. it’s limited to 4 shortcuts due to 4 side of navigation key directions. Beside that, u can put many more shortcuts through myshortcuts menu and not limited to 4 as what i said above. It’s also shown new events and running applications as well.

Now the second part of this story telling is about something that regret after I bought this phone. Firstly, this phone doesn’t support Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Before buy this phone, I forgot to consider this even I love to travel especially in Malaysia region. Secondly, this W705 is a non cyber-shot camera. So, it’s difficult for me to take pictures. Lastly, its file management system. All pictures have to be in picture folder or albums folder if we want to move it by using phone. All videos need to be in videos folder when we want to move it.  To put it in another type of folder, we need to do that by using computer after attach it via USB cable..

But, i still love this phone and I enjoy to use it for another 2 years..maybe..if anyone want to buy this phone from me just contact me.

W705 price (malaysia): RM700.00

used w705 price(malaysia): RM400.00++

you can sell your w705 for RM300.00++

6 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson W705

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    erk,i dunno really well about latest phones function,but i do know that the feature u said,which is the shortcut feature is an old thing.those feature even available on my K550i phone.and i’m not sure if i’m right (correct me if i’m wrong),but is there any model which have both cybershot and walkman feature? and overall,ur post is so~ long but only have a few points.I bet many readers doesnt read this post to the end.sory,just honest critics from me ;P.

  2. 2

    i like your post. enjoy your new mobile phone!! 🙂

  3. 3

    @Kambing: Perhaps this post is long but I am sure that readers that come to this post through search engine will benefit a lot from this. Especially to those that’re really interested about SE-W705.

    I agree with you that it’s hard to find a handset with complete feature. I think they will not create such handset because then there is no one to buy others model of their brand.

  4. 4

    thanks buddies…erm…if i’m not mistaken, sony ericssons comes with c model which combine both walkman n camera (cyber-shot) features..and i’ll improve my writing skills later..thanks again huh…

  5. 5

    I’m looking for W705 second hand about rm400-450~

  6. 6

    hello HI…glad u ask for 400-450, unfortunately my fon was broken in an accident last 2 weeks. Now, i’m using w910i. By the way, i’ll inform u if one of my fren wanna sell his w705….tq