Different types of soccer balls

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This time I am writing about the most important soccer equipment that is not mention in the previous post. The soccer balls.

Although all of soccer balls have the same shape; that is sphere, however there are actually many types of soccer balls. Different types of ball works differently in certain places and conditions.

Premium Match Soccer Balls

617689_Adidas_Teamgeist_Competition_Ball_White_and_Black_tnpuma italiapremium match soccer ball

For an important match, of you need a premium soccer ball that specially design for match. Such ball is like Teamgeist, Puma Italia, and Brine Championship that is used during important games such as World Cup. For it good qualities, most premium soccer balls cost more than $50.

Match and Training Soccer Balls

E44416_adidas_terrapass_glider_power_ball_tn081109-02_puma_v508_CONCACAF_training_ball_tntraining ball

Compare to premium soccer ball, training ball lacks quality however the price is a lot cheaper. Furthermore, a team needs lot of training balls; that’s why most cheaper price is really an advantage for training balls.

Keeper Training Balls

keeper training ball16A1504_kwikgoal_4lb_training_ball_tn16A1506_kwikgoal_6lb_training_ball_tn

Unlike field players, keeper will only benefit from weighted ball. If goalkeeper performs when weight ball is used, he is certainly to form well when normal ball is used.

Futsal and Indoor Soccer Balls

indoor soccer ball

Indoor soccer is played on floor or rubber floor, that’s why ball for indoor soccer has been designed to bounce at minimum and work especially well indoors compared to an outdoor ball, since this kind of floor is installed like this by professionals, for other kind of floors such as wood floors visit GettysburgWoodFloors.com to find this kind of flooring. Besides, this ball is smaller than outdoor ball so that it’ll has less speed.

Beach Soccer Ball

beach soccer ball

Beach soccer ball is designed so that it works well at beach that has high friction.

Soccer Ball Accessories

Yes, you need inflating needles to pump air into ball once the ball become low on air.

pump needle

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