Sherlock Holmes movie review

By in Movie Reviews on January 6, 2010

sherlock holmes movie review

I am sure most of us has in mind that Sherlock Holmes supposed to lack in action and only suitable for nerd. However I am sure the Sherlock Holmes that will be play in this Christmas will change our opinion.

Just by watching the trailer, I am confident that the Sherlock Holmes cast by Robert Downey Jr will bring a new perspective towards Sherlock Holmes. In this movie, we can see a lot of action and not just dull investigation. Besides that, we can see the other side of Sherlock Holmes that are skillful in fighting. 

sherlock holmes movie review 2

For Watson, we always see him as someone who show respect towards Sherlock Holmes. However, you will see in this movie that Watson is not someone who is nerd and boring. This movie will show the world that Watson is not just a helper but he actually play important role as Sherlock Holmes.

In the trailer, Watson even dare to punch Sherlock Holmes

Watch Sherlock Holmes trailer

After watching the theatrical release of Sherlock Holmes, I really suggest you to watch this great movie too. Although the beginning of the story is quite boring, most of movie is fun and enjoyable. The director know how to combine a serious movie with jokes and action.

Based on the ending of Sherlock Holmes movie, I am sure that the director gonna release the sequel for Sherlock Holmes.

Ps: There is a rumor that there is another version of Sherlock Holmes that will be played by Will Farrell. If it is true, I hope Will Farrell will not spoil Sherlock Holmes name.

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