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By in Gadget Reviews on March 5, 2010

Due to the need of some original pictures in this blog, I had bought a Sony Ericsson K770i mobile phone. Before this I only use VGA mobile pone (Motorola V36) because I don’t see a need to have a mobile phone with better camera performance.

At Mac 2010, you can get K770i for not more than RM500. But to get the 5MP original C901, the cost is not less than RM780 (at Mac 2010). Although the prices is much higher than K770i, I doubt that the camera performance will be a lot better. On the other hand, no matter how big the resolution is, at last I will convert it to 500 pixels at most (for blog post). That’s why I choose K770i, the 3.2MP camera already make me satisfied.

That’s the first rule for choosing mobile phone. Know your needs and budget.

The second rule of choosing handphone is to Google it first. I am sure you can find a lot of forum thread or blog post discussed about the model of handset that you want. This is important so that you will know all of the pros and cons of the handphone and avoid unsatisfactory in yourself. Before buying K770i, I already know that this handphone does not have Xenon flash or Carl Zeiss that is important for better camera performance. I also know that K770i has bad video output. That’s okay with me because I am not into video recording. You can also see the quality of photo taken from a lot of mobile phones camera at GsmArena.

The third one is to choose between AP or ORI. AP handset means that the handset is not 100% original. The handset might be differ in materials although both AP and ORI has the same function. Furthermore, most AP only give warranty for some components while ORI handset usually support warranty for all parts of the handset (except free gift). I prefer Original handset because warranty is a big deal for me. In my case, it’s not hard to choose because the price for AP K770i and ORI K770i only slightly differ. If I need to choose between ORI C901 and AP C901, I might need one week to figure it.

For me, those three rules are enough. After that, the only important is to test drive your own handphone and learn what it can do. Before paying, make sure you check out these few things,

  • Camera (Try to capture picture)
  • Free gift (Test first the hands-free, USB cable and battery charger)
  • Phone call

For Sony Ericsson handphone, usually memory card is not in the free gift. Thus you need to buy it separately from the handset. This is a good tip from me. Make sure that you ask the price for the handset including other related items (memory cards and the handphone casing). Usually you will get a better price if you ask for the extra items before buying the handset. If you ask after paying for the handset, a bargain is hard to be done because they already got your money.

For K770i, I can use 3G service and do live blogging easily. Although live blogging make a blogger’s life easier, I am not into it right now. Actually, K770i is a very simple handphone with easy user interface. You can learn most of the function in a night.

For Sony Ericsson handphone, usually there is two mode of transfer that you can do; ‘file transfer mode’ and ‘phone mode’. For file transfer mode, your handphone can’t be used during the process. This is because PC will treat your memory card as another hard disk (or external hard disk). File Transfer mode is useful to transfer bulk of files or larger files.

For phone mode, you can still use your handphone while transferring process. However you need to do some work before you can use SE Phone Mode. Firstly you need to download the USB driverĀ  and then you need to install the SE PC Suite software that is included in the handphone package. If you already lost the CD, you can download it manually at SE Website.

Besides that, SE PC suite offers a way to connect to the internet by using your mobile phone. You can see more about this at my 3G blog post. By using SE PC Suite, you can also do backup and synchronization easily.

After quite a long time with your handphone, I am sure you will feel like changing your current theme. You can find a lot of mobile phone themes at these websites. I am gonna find one too for my K770i.

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    Nama je phone baru.. tapi model k770 ni kira dah outdate dah. Skrg orang pakat duk layan 5 mega pixel pulak.

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    Thanks for your post about phone..I got a lot of info from this post.