Beware of Rapidshare phishing site

By in Computer Guide on July 2, 2011

Phishing site is a site that create a clone site or a site that look exactly just as the other site that he want.

The main objective of phishing site is to get your email for spam purpose. However, most of phishing site want to get your username and password for the site so that the owner can access your account.

Phishing site is easy to make

Furthermore, phishing site is really easy to do. Just save the webpage that you want as html complete with  image and then upload it to your hosting server. After that you just need to tweak the coding for the login form so that the entered username and password will be save in their database. That’s all.

In most case, Rapidshare is one of the most targeted site for phishing since once they get you to sign in at the phishing Rapidshare site, they will know your premium Rapidshare username and password for sure.

In order to make you don’t realize that you are being phished,  they will a make a redirection coding so that you will be brought to the wrong password section at the real Rapidshare site. This will make you thing that it’s your own fault for entering the wrong password.

It looks all natural until you realize that you can’t login at your rapidshare premium account anymore since they have change your password. 

How you fell for their trick?

Most people do not know which is subdomain and which is main domain. For example:

1. is main domain that is the real adress for rapidshare site.


2. is the fake rapidshare site. The part for is just the subdomain for the main site that is (.cn is China tld)

How they make you go to the phishing rapidshare site?

Below is a few ways the phishing webmaster make you go to the fake rapidshare site:

They will send spam mails to you containing fake links to download file at rapidshare.

You can also get the fake link from unreliable source such as blog or website.

So, if you use premium Rapidshare account make sure you beware of any rapidshare link before clicking.

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