How to print PowerPoint slides bigger

By in Software Reviews on February 6, 2010

As a students, I need to print a lot especially from PowerPoint file. As a way to save ink and paper, I believe most students will compact 4 slides of Microsoft PowerPoint into one A4 page. Although it save ink and paper, printing in PowerPoint is not good enough since the size for a slide is not the biggest.

Yes, there is actually a way to maximize the size of a slide (for multiple slides per page printing only).

The basic idea to get maximum size of a slide is to first convert from PowerPoint to PDF format. Then you can use PDF software such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader to print the file from there. You can get PowerPoint to PDF plugin (called Save As PDF) at Microsoft website for free; provided that you have the MS Office license.

I am sure you will be shocked just how much printing from PDF is different than printing directly from PowerPoint.

Ps: I am using Foxit Reader for PDF printing (in the picture below). You may use below configuration in Foxit Reader to get the same outcome as me.

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