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  • Get the right power supply (PSU) for your PC

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    atx_power_supplyIn getting personal computer (PC), customer always made the wrong decision when choosing power supply (PSU). Power supply is a thing that you need to consider in case you want to upgrade your PC later. Some people are stingy and bought less power PSU because it is cheaper. However the problem will come once they decided to add more components to their PC. You must remember that when your power supply can’t supply enough power to the PC components, the PC performance will slow down or leading to crash. Some said that PSU problem could also damage the PC parts.

    How do you know the power consumption of your PC?

    There is a few PSU calculator that you can try to know the right amount of power that your PC consumed, thus make it easy for you to get the right power supply.


    Those calculators are just assumption and might slightly different from the true value. However it is really helpful.

    True power VS Extreme Power

    In choosing PSU, you will come across power supply with either true power or extreme power. So, which one is better? From my knowledge, true power is more efficience than extreme power. Thus, true power can deliver more power to the PC parts by using less electrical energy than extreme power. So, I conclude that true power is better.

    And again, please remember that your power supply will produce less power than stated, so please buy a higher power supply than you need.


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