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By in Website Reviews on February 7, 2010

Do you want to enhance photo and applying effects but you don’t have the skill? You have nothing to worry because you can get a lot of cool effects at PicJoke. You do not need to learn Adobe Photoshop or PhotoScape. By using PicJoke, you can have the chosen picture to be enhanced in few seconds.

I am sure some of your friends can confuse whether the picture is real or using picture editing software since the results look so good. Perhaps they even think that you edit the picture by yourself. Wow, you just earned a credit for nothing.

By using PicJoke effects in blogging, a blog post will look more attractive and fancy. I’ve tried PicJoke effects on a logo and you can see the results below. Cool huh?

The real logo:

This logo is the logo for a sports carnival in a faculty in USM called Olympee. I design it by using Corel Draw. In the design process (blueprint) my roomate complaints about it since it looks really ugly in draft paper. But I am glad it looks OK when I designed it in computer. Some said that this logo is ugly and too simple but for me simple means professional. Even most professional companies such as Shell, Petronas, and Celcom has simple logo.

Simplicity is also the reason I am using the default WordPress theme. Let the blog looks simple and keeps the contents great.

PicJoke effects:

Look, a lot of people want to use this logo for the sports carnival. Not just Malaysian, even tourists want to use it.

Oh, even Angelina Jolie likes this logo. She even make a tattoo of the logo at her left hand. Since Angelina Jolie also like it, I can’t wait for Olympee to take place. I should train harder so that I can get good place in Olympee opening marathon.

Maybe I should ask the project director to let Angelina be the ambassador for Olympee. Yeah, nice idea.

Ps: For EE students, don’t forget the date, 21 Mac 2010 for ‘Cross Campus’. The participation price is free.

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    Yup.. absolutely free… This tool really helps blogger in styling images..