Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

By in Entertainment on February 21, 2010

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is about Zeus weapon, a powerful lightning which is stolen. Zeus blame Poseidon’s (the God of sea) son for the stolen lightning although the son (Percy Jackson) himself doesn’t even know that he is a son of an Olympian God. Since there is a rule by Zeus that state that a God cannot make a contact directly with his son, Percy Jackson always think that his Dad abandon him and his mom.

In this movie you can see how Percy Jackson learn about his history and going to a quest to prove that he is innocent. You will see Percy Jackson and friends fight a lot of mystic monster in this movie.

Although Percy Jackson poster movie shows a shady impact, this movie is more like a Disney movie to me. Fun to watch and straight to the point. In addition, there is a lot of humors in the movie. There are still jokes even in a serious a fight. Although this 2 hours and 15 minutes movie isn’t serious enough and doesn’t have enough promotion, I am glad because the graphic quality in term of effects is very good. Only the God of Fire, Hades looks a little spoil to me. Hades that supposed to have fierce face isn’t terrifying me at all.

Percy Jackson Books

Percy Jackson is actually based on books (like Harry Potter and Twilight). After Lightning Thief, there are a few more sequels await such as Sea of Monsters and The Last Olympian. You can have more info about the books at,

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