IT Zone PC Fair

By in Computer Guide, Place and Events on March 19, 2010

IT Zone at Taman Pekaka is having its own PC Fair. If you live near USM Engineering, than you can visit IT Zone to get a lot of pc parts with good prices. If you don’t have idea of what to buy, let me helps you a bit. I am sure you may need some of the stuffs below.

USB Bluetooth

If you like to capture pictures by using camera phone, I am sure you don’t really like the transfer part, where you need to plug in the cable to your PC. By having a USB Bluetooth, transferring files can be done easily without the need of any cable. The problem is that the speed might not be as fast as using wire cable. But if you’re transferring small size of files, than USB Bluetooth would really help.

LCD Monitor

Are you still using the bulky CRT monitor? For your information, the CRT monitor consumes more power than LCD monitor. This research was done by USM researchers that love the environment. They encourage everybody to use LCD monitor for the environment. In addition, the user will get the most benefit because by having a monitor that saves 50 percent power, you just saved half of your electric bill.


Desktop is cheaper compare to a laptop with a same performance. However desktop is not portable at all. You cannot bring during traveling or during outstation. If so, laptop suits you more than a desktop. At IT Zone PC Fair 2010, you can get a good bargain of laptop. For RM1700, you can get a Compaq laptop with 3 years warranty. Definitely a good price.

Screen Protector

After having an LCD monitor or a laptop, I am you are gonna need a screen protector to protect your eyes from screen radiation. Without a screen protector, you may eyes may feel tired easily after a few hours facing monitor. Screen protector will also help you keeping your eyes in good condition. Don’t be too stingy to spend RM20 for a screen protector if this can save you a lot of money than you need to pay for eyes treatment.

Laser Mouse

If you are still using a roller mouse, switch it to a laser mouse immediately. In my house, no one wanted to change the old roller mouse because it was working. However you may be stress to do work by using roller mouse because they stuck too often. At last, I took the initiative to buy a new laser mouse for a mere RM14. By spending a little, I just saved a lot of time and reduce mental stress because I can do job more efficiently by using laser mouse.

CISS External Ink Printer

I had used a printer before and then I realized that to change the ink it a hard task. Furthermore your printer can be damaged if you do not refill the ink properly. The next year, a new type of external ink that is called CISS was out to public. Some of my friends tried it and they claimed the CISS to not performing well. As for me, the CISS works well and I don’t having any big problem. If sometimes the ink does not working as usual, I just need to do printer management like deep cleaning. Although I’ve used the CISS external ink for more than 8 month, the ink doesn’t empty yet. Maybe this is the blessing that I get for sharing the printer with my friends. I don’t really mind if my friends want to use my printer as long as they bring their own papers and treat me meal sometimes. Although one day the ink suddenly dry, I am not worry at all because CISS external ink is easy to refill.

So what are you waiting for. This PC fair promotion price is valid until 20 Mac 2010 only. Make sure that you read the PC buying guide first so that you can get more knowledge about buying PC.

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