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  • Prince of Persia movie trailer

    Admin Updated on May 25th, 2010 ( 3,500 views ) 1 comment

    Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time is about a prince who work together with a princess from rival country in order to stop a ruler who has the power to create sandstorm that can destroy the whole world. This movie will be released on 27 May 2010. Another must watch movie after Iron Man 2.

  • How to turn WordPress into website

    Admin Updated on May 20th, 2010 ( 4,039 views ) No comments

    WordPress is usually used as a blogging medium. Despite that, you can also do some change at your WordPress blog so that it will look more like a website. Believe it or not, some web designers prefer to use WordPress as website platform for their client. The reason is simple, WordPress is easy to work with and almost anyone can learn how to use WordPress without much hassle.

    If you think that WordPress site looks like a blog, then there are 2 reasons of that. First is the theme that the site use, and another one is the plugin. If you use normal looking WordPress theme, without a doubt it would look like a blog. And if don’t use certain plugin, your WordPress blog would be lacking on features.

    You can install these plugins so that your WordPress blog can behave more as a CMS rather than blogging tools. Organize Series can let you organize content according to group. It’s good if you have posts that are related to each other. Custom post template can let you use different layout template for the post that you want. This is good if you want certain post to have certain feels or functions than the others. Categories Layout let you specify the layout for each categories.There are lot more plugins that you can try. By using proper themes and plugins, Worpress blog can be turned into a CMS website easily.

  • How to use VirtualBox

    Admin Updated on April 10th, 2010 ( 8,207 views ) No comments

    VirtualBox is a software that use virtualization technology that enable us to run another operating system (OS) in our current operating system. The operating system that is created by VirtualBox is called virtual machine (VM). Virtual machine means that the machine is only using virtual drive. That means you can delete the VM easily if you don’t want to use it anymore.

    Although you can see a lot of Ubuntu Linux user use VirtualBox so that they can use Windows in Ubuntu, but you can also use VirtualBox in Windows so that you can test drive Ubuntu in Windows.

    Below is the picture of how I use Ubuntu inside my Windows XP.

    virtual box ubuntu

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  • Google Page Rank update

    Admin Updated on April 5th, 2010 ( 5,223 views ) 2 comments

    google page rank

    Google just updated websites Page Rank. For those that never know, Google Page Rank refer to a rank scale from 1 to 10 for every websites or blogs. This Page Rank symbolize how Google view a website according to its importance.

    How does Google know whether a blog or a website is important?

    • Google can tell from the amount of links from other URL to our blog. The rational is that if somebody make a link to us, it shows that there is something important at our blog. That’s why blogger keeps exchanging link because they want to increase the number of links to their blog.
    • Since Page Rank is something Google come up with, Google can also give Page Rank according to their own ‘suka hati’. That means, Google can drop your Page Rank by ‘suka hati’ too. Usually a niche blog (blog that focus on one topic) is more easier to get Page Rank than a ‘ rojak’ blog that contains a lot of stuffs in one blog.

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  • Ubuntu linux for dummies

    Admin Updated on April 2nd, 2010 ( 9,773 views ) 3 comments

    ubuntu linux desktop

    Maybe some of you already know about Ubuntu but I am sure that there are still some internet users that don’t know what is Ubuntu although they already heard the word Ubuntu a few times.

    For those that do not know a damn about Ubuntu, don’t worry because this post is written completely for beginners. For easy understanding, I make this post in question and answer style. Just follow the question and answer one by one.

    What is Ubuntu?

    I am sure you know about Windows. There are Windows XP, Windows Vista, and the latest one is Windows 7. Those things are called operating system. Windows is an operating system by a company called Microsoft (the same company that produced Microsoft Office). Besides Windows, there are other operating system like Mac and Linux. Ubuntu is a distrubution under Linux. There is also other linux distrubution such as Puppy Linux, Mint and Fedora. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Live CD makes life easier

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    Although live CD is really famous, there are still a lot of people that do not know about it. What is live cd? Actually, live cd is a type of bootable cd that contains operating system. Live cd is very useful especially in troubleshooting and repairing and your PC.

    Since live CDs have their own operating system, they do not need the OS inside your hard disk (ex: xp, linux, vista) to operate. Imagine that your PC has error and can’t load windows. For most people, they either format it or make it as slave in other PC. However, perhaps the PC only has software issue and only need a few click to settle it.

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  • Sony Ericsson W705

    Prebet Updated on March 27th, 2010 ( 6,753 views ) 6 comments

    If Jimmy found himself a [intlink id=”1141″ type=”post”]sony ericsson k770i[/intlink] as a new gadget to replace his old motorola v36 phone, me myself found sony ericsson w705 to be my communication gadget. You can get this phone for RM720-rm780 only. After one month of usage, i found there were several features that make me really like this phone. But, at least 3 things make me feel kinda regret bought this phone. If I want to scold somebody, Jimmy is the most suitable one because he was late to post the article about ‘buy-sell’ rule for new handphone. hehehe… That’s why we always need to pay an attention to the new post and also read all the good stuffs from internet or blog to make sure we do not regret anything in the future..

    Surely I want to share with you the best part of this phone first before I go to the next part….the regret one.he… Read the rest of this entry »

  • Free blog hosting

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    Decades ago, it was common if somebody did not know what a blog is. But nowadays, people would consider you lame if you still don’t what is a blog. Even some primary school students manage to have their own blog. The term blog actually come from the phrase ‘web log’. Shorten into ‘weblog’ and finally people become more lazy and just called it ‘blog’. That’s a quick history of the word blog.

    Blog used to be as an online diary. But that’s the old trend. Now people not only talk about personal life in blog, but there varying it into their interest and also use blog as a business medium. And for certain people, blog is a good medium to get a truth story especially regarding politics. Seeing the power of a blog, even Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim created their one to spread their voice.

    Since blog is already accepted as medium to voice opinions, a number of websites have offered free blog hosting service. Thanks to them, now everybody can have free blog without spending a single cent or knowing website languages. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Freelance writing helps study

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    Some college students like to do part time job while studying so they can get extra money or maybe they need money to pay for the education fee. Among the popular part time jobs are by working at food court, fast food restaurant, supermarket, or cyber cafe.

    There is no problem to do such part time jobs, but it need hours for you and this might make your studying goes bad. Furthermore, you may end up drowsy in class because of not having enough sleep.

    Actually, there is a few part time jobs that can help you in your studying. One of them is by being a freelance writer. In internet, there are a few websites that offer freelance writing. You just need to apply for the freelance writer and write about anything that you like. To help your studying, I suggest that you write about topics that are related to your study. Not only you will understand the topic better, but you will gain extra knowledge while doing research for the topic.

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  • IT Zone PC Fair

    Admin Updated on March 19th, 2010 ( 7,840 views ) No comments

    IT Zone at Taman Pekaka is having its own PC Fair. If you live near USM Engineering, than you can visit IT Zone to get a lot of pc parts with good prices. If you don’t have idea of what to buy, let me helps you a bit. I am sure you may need some of the stuffs below.

    USB Bluetooth

    If you like to capture pictures by using camera phone, I am sure you don’t really like the transfer part, where you need to plug in the cable to your PC. By having a USB Bluetooth, transferring files can be done easily without the need of any cable. The problem is that the speed might not be as fast as using wire cable. But if you’re transferring small size of files, than USB Bluetooth would really help.

    LCD Monitor

    Are you still using the bulky CRT monitor? For your information, the CRT monitor consumes more power than LCD monitor. This research was done by USM researchers that love the environment. They encourage everybody to use LCD monitor for the environment. In addition, the user will get the most benefit because by having a monitor that saves 50 percent power, you just saved half of your electric bill. Read the rest of this entry »