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  • lost girl review

    Prebet Updated on October 27th, 2010 ( 3,120 views ) No comments

    Another supernatural tv series released just like heroes and supernatural. The only different is it broadcast from Canada showcase tv while another two from US. Lost girl is about a girl Bo plays by Anna Silk who has been abandoned by her parents since she was born due to some threat by enemy. She was raised up by adopted family and didn’t know that she has a unique power that somehow will cause a serious damage to human body or even fatalism. It’s like seducing human and sucks the human energy.

    After murder a man in an elevator she was kidnapped by a ‘fae’ the underworld group which divided into two distinct groups (light and dark). The light group takes her to ask who she was and what kind of her clan. During the interrogation process the leader of the light group strongly believe that she doesn’t know anything about the ‘fae’ world. After being checked, she was told that she might come from succubus clan. And as a tradition in fae world, she has to choose which side that she likes to join. No registration fee at all…hahahaha… At last, she choose to be with human and start to ask about herself and try to find the root of her family, who is her father, her mother and so many things.

    By now, two episodes were aired and I found it really stunning. Even from the first episode I’ve decided to follow this series to the end. Enough for now and I leave you with the Lost Girl trailer (showcase promo) so you can judge it by yourself. Do comment me to ask for the lost girl free download link,ok..??

    watch lost girl (2010) trailer here

  • How to increase PC performance

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    You might not having any performance issue if you only use your PC for simple tasks like accessing the internet, watch movie, or playing mini games. Somehow, you might face some lagging if you want to do heavy task such as playing online games, playing high end games, video editing, or 3D rendering.

    Upgrade your hardware

    If you dedicated to those heavy tasks (and experience lagging), the best option is to replace your hardware with better one. You can upgrade your processor and added RAM with bigger speed and size so that your PC can process more data in fast speed.

    Although upgrading hardware can solve performance issue, money issue shouldn’t be taken lightly. Hardware is quite expensive and I am sure you don’t want to spend hard earned money just for running certain task that you rarely do. In this case, operating system tweaking is the best choice.

    PC case modified

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  • The easy way to write resume

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    Hey, can you tell me how to write a resume? What font should I used? Should I used small or capital letter?

    So, that are the questions that will come from someone who knows nothing about resume. Instead of writing resume by your own, you can just download the softcopy in the internet. As for me, I used JobStreet to come up with a resume.

    After registering with JobStreet, you will see an option to create resume. Then you just need to fill a form, insert your picture, and submit. And now your data will be available to employers. After completing your resume, you will see download option for the resume. The downloaded resume can be opened in Microsoft Word in case you want to edit something. That’s super easy isn’t it? You got a fully format resume just by completing a form.

    Another thing that need to be keep in mind is that you don’t need to be a fresh graduate to register JobStreet. JobStreet offers opportunities for part time and internship. On going college or university students can maximized this feature to register and grab any job opportunity during semester break.

    There is also English assessment and practices that you can take in JobStreet. It’s good idea to check how good you do in English by taking the assessment. The assessment result should gave employers a good view about your English skill.

    So, this is mine. Not so good, but not too bad.

    Job Street Assesement

  • Essential software for Windows 7

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    Just bought a new computer or need to reinstall software due to hard disk format? Actually Windows 7 already provided some programs after clean install but somehow there are still some softwares that are not included. Here are some essential software that I always make sure to keep it inside my computer.

    Imaging program

    • ImgBurn (I use this to convert files to ISO format)
    • Magic Disc (I use this to mount ISO format)

    Compressor or archive

    • WinRar (can open most type of compressed file)

    Video Player

    • KMP player is my choice as it has good supports for subtitle
    • VLC is the way to go if you want to do some video streaming

    Word Processor

    • Microsoft Office obviously

    Internet Browser

    • Opera and Mozilla (Opera good for research while Mozilla is my choice for blog posting)


    • Yahoo Messenger

    PDF Reader

    • Foxit Reader as it is small in size but fast in speed

    Download program

    • IDM (Internet Download Manager) for direct download
    • U-Torrent for torrent

    Except than IDM and Microsoft Office, other softwares are absolutely free.

  • Cameron Highland tour guide

    Admin Updated on October 4th, 2010 ( 3,486 views ) 2 comments

    Want to go for a holiday trip but don’t know where to go? Then try to consider Cameron Highland as choice. Located in the center of Peninsular Malaysia, I doubt anyone will have any trouble going to Cameron Highland.

    Cameron Highland is a amazing destination and worth to be visited, but if you really want to go here please take a few advices from me as consideration. Firstly bring some panadols along the way because the roads are really challenging. If you have a hard time with roller coaster, then extra plastic bags should be brought in case you need to do some “dirty” thing.


    Second advice, don’t be fool by your heart. Once you get there, the first thing that comes to your mind should be Strawberry. You might find that the price at entrance is reasonable but I am sure you will get better prices if wait until you reach the correct place (night market).

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  • How to take care of laptop battery

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    Nowadays, almost all new laptop use lithium battery compare to decade ago where nickel battery widely used. Lithium battery is a lot better than nickel since lithium battery doesn’t suffer from memory effect. Do you remember that one good way to prolong mobile phone battery is by only charging the battery once the battery power nearly empty. The advice is due to most old mobile phones use use nickel battery that suffer memory effect. Let say that you charge your mobile phone although 40% battery still left. If the mobile phone use nickel battery, then you might having trouble as the nickel battery will forget that there is already 40 % charge left once charging start. That means, your mobile phone will show empty sign once you have use all of the 60 percent charge.


    This is totally different if your mobile phone or laptop use lithium battery. Since Lithium ion battery doesn’t have memory effect, it doesn’t matter anymore when you charge your laptop battery. Besides free from memory effect, lithium ion battery knows when to stop charging once it is already full of charge. This avoid overcharging from happening in laptop battery.

    If overcharging never happen, then why some people recommend to keep laptop battery away if they want to use plug-in power? That is nothing related to overcharging but due to heating problem. Lithium battery can be worn out faster if it is left in hot environment. Thus leaving the battery in the laptop while using plug-in power is not a good idea for someone who make laptop as desktop replacement as the battery can become hot easily.

    A good practice to keep laptop battery is by putting it inside plastic bag and left it in a cold and dry environment. Once in a month, put back the battery inside laptop and use it so that the battery will always perform at it best.

  • How to compile and run Java program

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    Java is not popular enough among normal computer users but Java get high demands from professional. Besides the language features and functionalities, Java Runtime Environment (also called Java Virtual Machine) makes software developed using Java capable for cross platform. Certain software can only run in one type of OS, but Java software can be run in most operating system such as Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Mac without altering the source code.

    For end users that need to run Java program, they only need to install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) that can be get for free at Sun Microsystems Inc website. For those that want to develop Java program, then you need to install JDK (Java Development Kit).

    Write, edit, and compile Java manually

    Once you installed JDK, you can already begin your Java programming. You can do it using the standard Note Pad program and save the program as .java format (ex:

    After that you can compile the program by using Command Prompt. Go to the directory that contain the .java file and type,


    There is a high chance you will get error as Windows still doesn’t know what is ‘javac’. So you  need to set the PATH by going to Windows Properties > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables > System Variables.

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  • Need for Speed Most Wanted final pursuit

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    I am a good follower of Need for Speed racing game. Though Need for Speed Most Wanted is not the latest one, I am sure many gamers would feel Need for Speed Most Wanted as the best among other Need for Speed series.

    The most notable difference about NFSMW is the storyline. Although the cut scene only appear in beginning and ending, at least you know what is going on. Here a bit about NFSMW storyline, you was a top racer in a city and then someone called Razor challenged you for a race. Razor used dirty trick to beat you. Not enough with that, he took your car too. That’s when you need to start your career as street racer again and make your way to the top so that you can fight Razor again.

    career 100 

    Beating Razor is not the hardest part. The real pain in the ass comes right after you beat Razor. The final stage that is so called The Final Pursuit needs you to escape the city in Pursuit Level 6. Pursuit Level 6 means you will face a lot of police car, almost everywhere.

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  • Playing Grim Fandago in windows

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    Better graphic technology compare to decade ago has enhanced gaming industry. Nowadays most teenagers never look back to the old games due to poor graphic and compatibility issue. Even though the reasons are solid, some of the olden games still strong in my heart; especially for Grim Fandago.

    For those that like journey or adventure games, you are losing something if you never play Grim Fandago. Although you cannot die in this Lucas Arts game, don’t expect this game to be boring since the game play and storyline are top notch.

    Since Grim Fandago was designed for Win 98/ME, you might have a little trouble installing this game in Windows XP, Vista or 7. Don’t worry so much as some hardcore coder had provided solution for those compatibility issue.

    Here are some guidance to play Grim Fandago in Windows 7.

    1. Install Grim Fandago.
    2. Apply the patch that can be downloaded from Lucas Arts website.
    3. Setup compatibility setting in Windows 7 so that the Grim.exe application use Windows 98/ME compatibility.
    4. If you have sound or graphic problem, you may need to turn off 3D Graphic acceleration from DxDiag.

    If you cannot install Grim Fandago at all, consider to use alternative launcher that is created by fan. That launcher also has the ability to keep Grim Fandago files in hard disk so that you don’t need to use CD anymore. Using the launcher, you can also play Grim Fandago in window mode.

    Hope you enjoy being Manny Calavera.

    grim fandago

  • A trip to Zoo Taiping

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    Ever go to Taiping? Without a doubt, Zoo Taiping sure is the biggest attraction in Taiping. Several newspaper have declared that Zoo Taiping is even better than Zoo Negara. Recently I went to Zoo Taiping with my friends. Suprisingly the price has increased a lot. If you wish Zoo Taiping, better prepare RM20 at least. RM12 for entry ticket, and the rest for food and drink.

    The price maybe expensive as hell but I am sure you will get a good body shape once you finish the expedition. Aside normal looking Zoo, Zoo Taiping know how to leverage the attraction point by creating a fake Safari; so called Night Safari. I never go to Night Safari yet but most people I know prefer the day Zoo since you can see the animals clearly. However some of my friends prefer Night Safari as they can see certain rare animals show up. Yup, certain animal show during the day while some only appears during night.

    And a piece of advice from me, make sure you went there before 6 pm or after 8 pm as the Zoo closed during the timeline.

    • Normal entry: RM12.00
    • Night Safari: RM16.00

    Price maybe a bit expensive since visitors are allowed to bring camera without additional charge. The reason is simple, although you don’t paid for camera since you don’t bring one, you actually can use mobile phone camera to take pictures. Besides that, price maybe slightly differ if you are living in Taiping (based on your IC address).