Just when voting of the Digi Wow awards had been closed, Maxis jump into the board by creating their own version of bloggers voting. So does this mean Maxis just come with the same idea as Digi? Not so I guess. Although internet users still need to voting, but the voting is for different purpose it seems.

maxis awards

In the Bloggers Without Borders, you can submit what you want to do. For example you maybe submit that you want to have a vacation in Hawaii. And if people like your idea and vote for you, you might the chance to be sponsored by Maxis. As this contest are intended for bloggers, I am sure you need to write a complete reports of the vacation. And since you are blogging during travelling, that is the perfect chance for you to use the Prepaid Data Roaming by Maxis. The winner get to have a sponsored vacation, the readers get to read a wonderful blog post by the winner, and lastly Maxis get to promote their Prepaid Data Roaming. Happy ending for everybody. Check about the contest at http://nowyoucan.my/.

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For those that lives around Taiping and have not visited the Taiping Sentral for some time, I am sure you will feel shocked when seeing that the Nash Donuts had been replaced with clothes store. I am not sure whether they found better opportunity or that they just cannot live in Taiping selling donuts. Maybe Big Apple and Dunkin Donuts would end up the same if they open their franchise in Taiping.

nash donuts

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Are you a fan of soccer games?

Or you just want to kill some time on the web while waiting someone.

Waiting someone replying your instant message or waiting reply from Facebook wall post.

Since buying professional soccer games like PES and FIFA are so expensive.

Why not results to online soccer game that can be played for free.

Here is a list of sites that offers mini soccer games for free.

Who know you can even improve your soccer skills just by playing soccer games.

You either need to download it or just play it online. Enjoy.


To be honest, I am one of the manga addict. I have read tons of manga comic. And currently I am following around 10 active manga weekly. I am sure some will said reading comic is for kid, or that comic is not good compared to reading news paper of text books. The statement may be true or not true. Whether reading comic is good or bad fully depends on yourself.

For a good example, you can read some blog posts by Sang Asura. He managed to convert his reading into a really good advice and related to the issues that are happening in the world. Once you read the posts, you will be amazed at how matured a fighting comic actually.

If you said reading comic is not informative, you might be wrong. Most manga and comics usually use true facts in conveying certain issues. By reading comic and manga, you can actually learn about various places in the world and the culture of a places. The best example is Jojo Bizzare Adventure and Bloody Monday manga where you learn about cultures, histories, and science. It’s actually up to the reader to choose informative manga or useless one.


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The third sequel of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the best movie for me in 2011. Not only the storyline is good but the high end graphic make me feel sunk into the movie. Transformers Dark of the Moon comes with two version, normal and 3D version. Since this movie is full of actions and you will seen battle between robots, the 3D glass will give you full watching experience. Millions of dollar have been used to direct Transformers 3, so do not be too stingy to spend some money for the the 3D version. Furthermore, the movie is 2 hours and 30 minutes long. 3D movie usually has short time span. Watching 3D movie that is long than 2 hours should give you more than enough 3D experience.


Now lets talk about the story. In Transformers 3, Megan Fox is replaced with new actress. Lucky she is hot too, so you will not feel the disappearance of Megan Fox. In the previous Transformers movies, the battle between Autobots and Decepticon are too wild. At certain times, you just don’t know which is Autobots and which is Decepticon. Compared to the previous movis, Dark of the Moon features proper battle scene. The best of all, you can see how humans actually playing parts in the battle between Autobots and Decepticon.

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Unlike desktop PC which can supports different OS (operating system) such as Windows and Linux, mobile phone usually works with certain OS only. During development of the mobile phone, the developer already decided which OS is going to be used with the mobile phone thus make it impossible to migrate from one operating system to another operating system.

Operating system designed for mobile phone is usually small and compact so that the performance of the mobile phone application is good.

Below is the operating systems that is used in different type of mobile phones:

  • Android
  • Nokia Series
  • Symbian OS
  • Motorola Java
  • O2 Proprietary OS
  • O2 Java
  • Palm OS 5
  • Palm OS 4
  • Palm OS 3
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Standard
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphone
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 for Pocket PC
  • Microsoft Smartphone 2003 SE for Pocket PC
  • Microsoft Smartphone 2003 for Pocket PC
  • Microsoft Smartphone 2003 2nd edition
  • Microsoft Smartphone 2003
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I am sure that most living human in earth like to spend time with friends. Some person just would not want to watch movie, eating or shopping if there is nobody to accompany him. If you are one of the person that always hang out with your friends, Groupon is a great website that can reduced your money expense. In the website, you can find lot of available coupons or tickets that can be bought in a bulk for huge discounts. Sometimes you can find coupon that give more than 50 percent discount.

cheap vacation package

If you like to travel or going holiday with your family, buying group coupon is the ideal solution. You can find a lot of cheap vacation package and travel package here. As long as you have credit card, you can easily get a vacation package at a cheap price without the need to get information from travel agent.

So what do you plan to do this weekend? Check the website and grab any huge discounts group coupons. Sometimes there are limits to the number of coupons, so think smart and grab fast. Another website where you can be a part of bulk purchase is Tumpang. Unlike Groupon, Tumpang is more towards items than vacation package or travel package.

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Some company lock their mobile phone so that the mobile phone only works with certain network provider. This may be due to the contract between the mobile phone company and the mobile phone provider. Since the mobile phone is locked, it is impossible to use another SIM card from other network provider in the lock mobile phone. Usually when you use SIM card from different network provider, the mobile phone will ask you for the unlock code. To get the unlock code you can try to call the mobile phone company. If luck is on your side, they will give it to you for free. If luck is not yours, then you can try to pay certain amount for unlocking service.

If you do not want to spend money on unlocking service, these sites might help you in obtaining the unlock code. To get the unlock code these application, you must at least know the IMEI code of your mobile phone. Since there are dozens of different type of phones within the same brand, some of the application might work on some phones and not on others.

Unlock variety brand of mobile phone

Unlock Nokia mobile phone


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azurt azure tower defense

Azure Tower Defense is another map for Warcraft III. It has 40 rounds of chaos and mayhem. In Azure Tower defense, you can choose three type of  game that is solo, versus or cooperative.

Based from wiki:

Cooperative: Everyone teams up against the creeps, in an attempt to survive all the waves of creeps – Solo: Each individual player builds their own towers to defend themself. – Versus: Teams or players build their own towers and can summon creeps to the opponents towers.

If you are a fan of Warcraft, better try this game. Get Azure Tower Defense at Filefront Dot Com.