The Three Musketeers is good adventure story that I believe every grown up should at least heard about this story once.

I know the this story but I don’t really understand it. How come there are 4 musketeers when the title only states 3 musketeers.


Maybe because I was a kid during watching it, so I am not really understand what happen and why the three musketeers fought against D’ Artagnan in the beginning of the story.

Is D’ Artagnan a bad guy? Or is the Three Musketeers are the villains?

And now when I watched the new version, I totally grasped the whole story.

I believe the remake of The Three Musketeers is indeed genius since it’s more than remake.

The movie gives enough action, enough romance, and enough fantasy.

It almost like Final Fantasy when you can watch flying ship like this,

Three Musketeers flying ship

The flying ship is equipped with air balloon, and that’s why it can fly.

Aren’t you interested to watch battle scene between flying ships?

Take your chance to watch Orlando Bloom and Milla Jovovich in the nearest cinema before this movie show time end.

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Do you love waiting for your late spouse during dating?

Do you enjoy travelling long hours without any entertainment?

Do you like sitting in a boring seminar without nothing to do?


Don’t worry,

You just need to install Mobile TV Elite on your mobile phone, and your life will change drastically.

Once you have access to hundreds of TV channels, you can forgive your spouse for being late. You will feel long hours travel to be so short. And you can also watch TV secretly during seminar without getting caught.

Cool right?

watch tv on mobile phone

You have television in your house right?

However I am sure most of the channels are limited to country specific.

What if I tell you Mobile TV Elite enable you to access TV channel from the whole world?

That will be so fun.

Just from your mobile phone, you can have access to the current news happening all around the world.

Besides Mobile TV Elite, there are actually other software that do the same job.

However Mobile TV Elite is the hottest and widely use. The software is updated regularly and new channels are added from time to time.

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Designing and printing a T-Shirt can be easily achievable by using heat press machine. Just by having the appropriate machine, everyone can open their T-Shirt business and gain a lot of profits from it.

However if you will like to diversify your T-Shirt printing business, it’s good to own a 6 in 1 heat press machine rather than the normal heat press. Besides t-shirt printing, the 6 in 1 heat transfer machine has the ability to print design on mug, plate, latte, flask, and cap.

These are a few good heat press machines that you can choose.

Heat Transfer Press Combo Press 6 in 1

Heat Transfer Press Combo Mug T Shirt Plates Cap 6 in 1 2xPlates+2xMugs ,Large Flat T Shirt Press 28cmx38cm +Cap.

  • Wrap around, All metal construction.
  • Digital temperature adjustment, Digital timer, Automatic constant temperature. Special silica gel mat makes the pressure more even
  • Self-adjusting pressure device.
  • Easy Heater Replacement.
  • Brand new and modern design
  • Comes with a full instruction DVD how to use heat press,easy for beginners


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Apple’s iPhone 4 is the new darling of the tech industry, and if you haven’t been able to get your hands on one, now is the time. While it may seem prohibitively expensive to get one up front, DiGi’s new iWant promotion packages make the iPhone available to you, starting from a paltry RM 53 per month.

iPhone 4 pictures

To put how mouth-watering these deals are into perspective, consider the magnificent hardware of the iPhone 4. Beautifully sculpted in curves of glass and aluminum, it embodies the timeless classic of elegance and style in one simple package. Then there’s the 5 megapixel camera, awash with a backside illuminated sensor and LED flash, which is able to record your memories for eternity in stunning 720p High Definition video. On the front, the IPS technology display produces an array of life-like colors with deeper contrast and higher viewing angles, while the array of internationally recognized radios allow you to access your data via GSM, 3G or WiFi when you’re travelling overseas.

digi iphone 4 pictures

What makes iPhone 4 rocks

If that’s not enough, the iPhone 4 also comes with Apple’s proprietary mobile operating system, iOS 4. Its hands-on, layman-friendly interface provides intuitive gesture and touchscreen controls, approvable by even the most outlandish country bumpkin. No more spending time installing antivirus software, or configuring settings filled with tech jargon just to surf the Internet – Apple accommodates the user by anticipating the average person’s know-how and putting the power to proceed right within their own hands. If that’s not enough, consider the more than 100,000 third party apps available in the App Store.

Digi iPhone 4 hot deal

So the question becomes, for something so perfect, how is the average person able to afford it? Well, now anyone can own an iPhone 4 with DiGi’s iWant packages!

digi iphone 4 pictures

For those who are strapped for cash, the iDiGi 88 puts an iPhone 4 in your hands for the low price of RM 58/month! And if you activate the auto-billing function, you can reduce this to RM 53/month! For those who may think this is a little steep, do consider that there’s also DiGi’s free offerings of 200 minutes of voice calls, 200 SMSes, 20 MMSes, and 1GB of Internet data! Now that’s a deal!

So what are you waiting for? Always dreamed of owning an iPhone 4? Then hurry to your nearest DiGi store to grab yourself one, today!!

Sometimes evil-doer is not born to become an evil. Sometimes a human become evil because of the surrounding environment. And sometimes the hoodlum will become a life saver once they is needed by society.


And that’s what Megamind animation movie is about. This a 2010 animation movie but in case you forgot to watch it, I am here to give some reminder. If you don’t want to buy the DVD after reading this review, you can just watch the movie online.

megamind movie

I am sure you will think that animation movie is meant for children. But that is not true at all for Megamind movie. This movie teach you about how surrounding is important for a human character building.

I know you hate spoilers so I will just share a glimpse of what the movie is about. This movie shows two different person from different planet that collided at the same time. One landed in a human house, and the other one landed in a prison. Then you will see how those two grow up and how environment affected them.

What is the point if you have a top notch mobile phone but you do not install any game on it. Maybe you find that most game need to be pay but you there are actually a few sites that give free mobile phone game.

You can check these websites to find free game for your mobile phone.

Mobile Rated

free game for mobile phone

Mobile 88

free mobile phone game


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I know you already watch a lot of ape movies before.

I am sure you already watch King Kong, Planet of the Apes, and others.

However I feel that the Rise of The Planet of the Apes is the best of all.


Before I watch the film, I thought the movie has strong connection with the previous Planet of the Apes. Looks like I am totally wrong.

The CGI done for the apes are truly awesome. And guess what, you will see worthy fighting scene by Caesar; an ape raised by human. Maybe better than Donkey Kong fighting style.


Rise of The Planet of the Apes is more than a normal apes movie.

It gives you strong feeling and probably going to make you feel as part of the apes.

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If you had watched Iron Man the movie, I am sure you already noticed the Captain America shield that had appeared in the movie. The answer for the shield is finally revealed in the Captain America: First Vengeance movie.

Damn, this is why I love Marvel movies. They have strong connection between the movies and characters. It feel like you are playing with pieces of puzzle that can only be reassembled once you watch every Marvel movie.

iron man captain america shield

I remind you again, this is a HEAVY spoiler. If you has not watched the movie yet, I am not responsible for any brain damage because of reading this spoiler.

The first spoiler is…

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For any restaurant that I went, the ‘ikan bakar’ is usually served with ‘sambal belacan’. So I thought that Ikan bakar must be served with sambal belacan. At least that is what I thought until I went to Sekinchan Ikan Bakar in KL. If you pronounce the name too fast, it will sound lik ‘Shin Chan’. Shin Chan who loves ‘keledek bakar’ and Sekinchan who sells ‘ikan bakar’ is a similarity that quite surprising.

ikan bakar in kl

At Sekinchi Ikan Bakar, you can choose fresh fishes, vegetables, prawns, and mushrooms. You choose them just like you buy fishes in the market and then they will grill the ingredients. Be aware though. The prices is a bit pricey but the taste is awesome.

Before you decided to buy an application from the App Store, it is good if you have test drive the full version of the application first. You can use the full version of an application using Installous. Of course you cannot done this without hacking and cracking. Firstly you need to have a jailbreaked iPhone. After that you can install the Installous so that you can access variety of premium application for free. Please remember that using Installous to use crack application is unethical and a piracy crime. Only use Installous to test drive a software so that you will not feel regret afterwards.


Here is the method to install Installous in your iPhone. Firstly open the Cydia application. Once your iPhone is jailbreaked, you should have the Cydia application. If you don’t have the Cydia application, there is a high chance that your iPhone is not jailbreaked yet.

At the Cydia, Go to Manage > Sources > Manage > Edit > Add. Add this URL into the prompt text box,  and wait for the link to be verified. Once the link is verified, you just need to search for Installous application and install it. Once the installation is finished, you can find the Installous icon on the springboard. Now you can download any test drive any paid application that you want before buying it.

[Via Hairulazni ]

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