Travel by MAS airlines is a convenient method for travelling far in a short time. The only problem to travel by plane is that to buy the ticket for the airlines. Since there is only a few MAS airlines platform in Malaysia, you may need to spend some time to go to the nearest agent to order ticket.

That’s the old method. You can also try the MAS Airlines online booking to book ticket. This is the fastest way and don’t consume time at all. Sometimes if you visit the website at the right time, you would even come across a good deal of booking promotion. Besides ticket rates, you can even check the flight status and timetable for planes depart and arrive at MAS website.

The bad thing is they only accept payment from VISA and MasterCard. I am sure it’s better if they accept Maybank2u or other local online banking. For sure their customer will be increased since not everyone has credit card.

Besides that, Malaysia Airlines has also produced coupon code for those that want to book flight ticket with less price. MHcoupon is the new way for you to enjoy exclusive savings on Malaysia Airlines flight tickets instantly. The online coupon comes in the form of code like IFLYMAS or FOOTBALL2010, so no printing or cutting necessary!

Redeeming the MHcoupon is easy as getting one – just key in the coupon code during the flight booking process and the discount will be automatically given to you.

Besides that, MAS sometimes do give good discounts on their ticket fare. For those that want to enjoy flight travelling without spending too much money on ticket fare, you better do some Google searches before paying for the ticket. Sometimes you can find crazy offer given by Malaysia Airlines. To buy ticket with promotion prices, usually customer need to book their ticket online. You can do this easily by signing up with the main website and use your credit card to do the payment.

Other than MHcoupon, sometimes you can find special offers being given on MAS main website. Just go to their main website and check the deal of the day page to find latest working flight promotions. So what are you waiting for? Check Malaysia Airlines deal of the day today and enjoy some saving in flight ticket fare.

Always have confidence in MAS. This flight company has proven to give good quality and comfortable flight experience.

If you really want to travel with MAS but never do so before, please watch the Youtube video below to see how their online booking system works.

So, what is 3G?

Based on Celcom formal website, 3G is like GPRS that using steroid. That means more speed. Cool huh?? Access high speed internet browsing as well as browse exciting content. You could watch blockbuster read up on financial news, and buy or sell on the fly.

Download and listen to your favourite hit song. Catch sports updates as they happen. Or even… get tickled with animated comic strips. Keep tabs on your pregnancy, if you’re to be or an anxious dad.

And it’s all through your 3G mobile phone. Anytime, when you’re on the go

Activate Celcom 3G

There are a few steps that you need to do to activate Celcom 3G service. Before proceeding, please make sure that your handset support GPRS or 3G (and Java or MIDP2.0) to use this service.

  • You must first upgrade your celcom simcard at Celcom centre. Any Celcom centre will do.
  • To activate it, use SMS to request the setting and configuration for 3G. Type SET and send to 20999.
  • Use the setting that you received to install. You can also get the settings and activate 3g by calling their Customer Service.

Celcom 3G issue

Of course the speed. I just wonder how long do we need to have speed like foreign country… Either for 3G or streamyx.

Celcom Broadband Special Offer

Voila… We are lucky to be Malaysian. Right now Celcom has offer great broadband package called Broadband SKMM 1Malaysia. This Celcom broadband prepaid is so cheap. Who can believe that for RM25 per month, one can enjoy internet connection for the entire month. Although there is data cap for the prepaid broadband, the user can still use internet. However the speed will reduce a bit.

Besides Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Penang is quite busy as well. Penang is an island that have lots of shopping places. Now Penang even have a shopping place focusing on digital items called Digital Mall. It is located in Komtar. Lot of things are sold here including DSLR camera, anti virus programs, and latest phones.

If you are one of the business owner in Penang especially in gadget business, it is wise to expand your business by selling your products online. The easiest platform to do this is by using classified site. Not only you can list products for free, the site even receives huge amount of traffics everyday.

Using online platform can boost your business daily sales thus means extra bucks at the end of the month. Here are some quick tips to help you get started in Mudah Penang. First, people will only buy from the person they trust. Thus if you are active in any forum such as Lowyat, it is wise to state the fact in your listing so that potential buyers know you are real. This is quite important as I have heard a lot of scammers in Mudah today.

penang bridge

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I have a friend living in Kuala Lumpur. He is someone that always follows the trend whether in clothing or equipments. When the latest gadget went out in the market, he will use Kuala Lumpur to sell his belonging as used item. For someone like him, it is okay to let go the previous items for low price as long as he can keep up with the latest gadget, especially electronic gadget.

Doing business in Mudah My is relatively easy and simple. Unlike other classified sites in Malaysia that are complexes and have complicated layouts, Mudah keeps their site simple. The layout is clean and light in size.

It doesn’t matter where you originate. The procedure and process to use Mudah My is the same either for Selangor or Kuala Lumpur. Here is some steps that you need to follow to sell things in Mudah.

First you need to click Insert Ad that can be found in Mudah website. Then you will see a form. Fill the form with your details. On the forms, you can state your desired price and upload some pictures of the items that you are selling.

mudah kl

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Actually, it is not but For those that do not know, Mudah is an online platform in Malaysia that works like a classified site. The best about Mudah is that it is a free platform.

Thus everyone can benefits from Mudah by selling items or buying items using the platform. Although Mudah Selangor is not the only state in Malaysia that can use Mudah classified site, it is no doubt that users from Selangor are the one that heavily use the classified platform.

Using Mudah, they can buy things online and sell things online. Some of my friend from Selangor always check Mudah prices to get good quality second hand items for a low price. Compared to other classified or bidding site such as eBay or Lelong, they find that prices in Mudah is the best of all.

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In Mac 2012, Accurve Solutions has published a game called Where’s My Chicken  for Android. This game seems simple but somehow has attracted a lot of interest till it manage to get 50,000 downloads in matter of a month.

where s my chicken

To me, this is a huge achievement especially for a game that is developed by Malaysian.

After the success of Les Copaque in animation industry, I believe Malaysia can break the limiter wall in gaming industry too. Maybe this is the beginning.

What’s so good with Where’s My Chicken?

Feeling curious…??

Well… just install the application in your phone and try it yourself. I am sure you will sunk into the game.

<<   TRY IT FOR FREE     >>

These are other interesting Android applications made by Accurve Solutions.

Space Express -  Space Express is a physics game with an exciting twist. Launch humans, rats and even anvils into space as you race to deliver packages as fast as possible. Match different packages with different thrusters to reach the orbiting space stations. Try to save money and experiment to reach even higher scores while competing with your friends.

Rhythm Bot – Do you fancy yourself as musically talented? Have you ever thought a Musical Genius lurks beneath your unassuming exterior? Why don’t you pit your musical abilities against Rhythm Bot and find out?

Check them out here.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a revolutionary new device which begs transformation, whether at home or on the go. In the advent of new devices springing out like roses on a daisy farm, the Samsung Galaxy Note aims to differentiate itself by combining the phone and PDA as one, an entity which brings an entirely new experience to the user.

Harkening back to the early days of the PDA, when resistive screens were the rule of the land and touch pens were still a much included necessity, the Samsung Galaxy Note combines the modern form factor of the iPad with the efficiency of the touch input provided by olden-day PDAs to produce an utterly convincing and useful mix of the two.

It comes with a stylus pen included to write on it, so you can write down notes just as if you were using paper. Running on the 2.3 variant of the popular Android mobile operating system, Gingerbread, the Samsung Galaxy Note has been customized to allow users to draw on the screen and gain access to apps via custom gestures which Samsung has specifically created for the Note.

samsung galaxy note

Using the Note is like a dream come true, especially in my working life. I take a lot of notes in between my trips to different meeting rooms and back, and having to run back and forth to my office to rummage through my cabinet for the appropriate file is a chore, to say the least. With the Note, I can write everything down as a soft copy with the convenience of normal pen and paper input, and have all my minutes, presentations, documents and speeches right in my jacket ready to be fired up whenever I need them.

I would even go so far as to say that I wish I had one in my student days, where I could have replaced my heavy backpack and lecture notes with screen captures and touch screen notes.

With the Galaxy Note’s large screen estate and stylus pen input, my tablet note-taking needs are finally fulfilled. Just by having a Galaxy Note, I am sure you are just one step closer  to be the next employee of the month.

Disclosure: This entry is a part of campaign run by Unruly Media specially for Galaxy Note and is written as honest as possible.

To run a company that can satisfy both customers and employees, management skill is one of the most important factors that every business owner should have. Some business owners give the best for customers’ satisfaction but always overlook their employees.

Every business owner should not forget that employees are the heart of a business.

If a company has a team of energetic and hardworking employee, the business will go up for sure. The opposite event will happen if the company has lazy workers.

So what are the real secrets to have an energetic and hardworking employee?

Some employees entered a company with good attitude but end up being a lazy worker.

Why such things happen?

Some business owners always think employees behavior as a part of uncontrollable variable. That happens to be true for certain cases.


Most of the times, employee behavior is the result of a company management. If you treat your employees badly, you cannot expect to have productive employees that can bring your business to the next level.

The best example of bad management is to overlook payroll date. Sometimes business owners forget or just like to delay their employees’ payday.

If you are a business owner, please take payroll date seriously. Always pay your employees salary on time so that they will feel appreciated. And once they feel appreciated, they will try their best to work as good as possible and respect you even more.

I know, hiring for management stuff is expensive especially for small business owner. If you really cannot afford management stuff, you should consider to use online payroll services.

Believe it or not, for just USD 40 per month you can have the best online payroll services that can helps you in managing payroll automatically. Why hire an employee to do management tasks for USD 800 monthly when you can manage it by yourself just for USD 40?

Most payroll services can help every business owner in managing paycheck and send reminder automatically. However if you choose to use Intuit Online Payroll, you can get much more features such as these.

automatic payroll services

One of the strong point of Intuit Online Payroll over other payroll services is their 30 day FREE TRIAL.

I believe no company will provide free trial if their service sucks and not good.

dues ex review

Since the introduction of the Mass Effect series, many games have tried to provide a more interactive experience by giving choices to players which have consequences to later stages of the games. Some have succeeded in this while others have failed, but none have done it quite as well as Dues Ex: Human Revolution.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the third chapter in the Deus Ex series, and the prequel to the original game. Set in the year 2027, the story follows the life of Adam Jensen, head of security to the biotechnology corporation Sarif Industries. In this world, mankind is on the brink of allowing robotic implants to be grafted on people, effectively making them “more than human”, and society is torn between those who support the idea and those who are against it.

The story is compelling as it is convincing, and the voice actors and writing give so much depth to the characters that you absolutely feel for them when something breaking occurs in the game.

But many games have excellent writing, and what sets this game apart from others is in the massive amount of choice which is allowed to the player. You can play as a spy, quietly moving through the corridors, or you can go all out in a combat build. What’s more, the dialogue options with the bosses of the areas are intriguing as well, giving you the ability to convince others into giving up, or provoking them into a fight.

dues ex human revolution

The graphics in the game are excellent as well. Utilizing a sandbox experience, you can roam around freely in the many cities of Deus Ex, and the setting is very accurately portrayed to give players an immersive feel while playing. This is the type of game which sucks you into it so well that you end up playing into the wee hours of the morning, only stopping because you absolutely have to go to work the next day.


If you’re looking for a great game to play while 30 hours of your life away, there is no other game which can provide as rewarding an experience as Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Give it a go, and I guarantee you that you’ll be unable to put it down!

The Three Musketeers is good adventure story that I believe every grown up should at least heard about this story once.

I know the this story but I don’t really understand it. How come there are 4 musketeers when the title only states 3 musketeers.


Maybe because I was a kid during watching it, so I am not really understand what happen and why the three musketeers fought against D’ Artagnan in the beginning of the story.

Is D’ Artagnan a bad guy? Or is the Three Musketeers are the villains?

And now when I watched the new version, I totally grasped the whole story.

I believe the remake of The Three Musketeers is indeed genius since it’s more than remake.

The movie gives enough action, enough romance, and enough fantasy.

It almost like Final Fantasy when you can watch flying ship like this,

Three Musketeers flying ship

The flying ship is equipped with air balloon, and that’s why it can fly.

Aren’t you interested to watch battle scene between flying ships?

Take your chance to watch Orlando Bloom and Milla Jovovich in the nearest cinema before this movie show time end.

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