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Which one is better? Streamyx or P1 Wimax? That is the question that internet users will ask before choosing which company that they want to subscribe. If you already search for Streamyx and P1 Wimax reviews across the net, you would most likely stumble upon good and bad reviews about both ISP (Internet Service Provider). To choose which brand or package that is better for you, it is wise to decide it by yourself instead of believe on others experience.

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In choosing Streamyx (provided by TM Net) or P1 Wimax package, you should look for the controllable factor instead of uncontrollable factor. I consider customer service and service support as uncontrollable factor as you would not know who you might dealing with. If who have bad experience with TM Net technician or customer service, this does not mean that every TM Net staff is just like them. To blame whole company because of one bad staff is not a wise decision. In certain case, living area can be considered as uncontrollable factor. For example, if your area are not within P1 Wimax coverage, it’s not proper to blame them about the slow internet connection that you receive.

P1 Wimax vs Streamyx in term of speed

Okay, now we start the debate between Streamyx and P1 Wimax package. Which is better for you? Firstly we should look upon the speed received by the customers. I have gone through lot of discussion about this and looks like P1 Wimax is the winner here. Picture proof by some bloggers also has shown that P1 Wimax offer better and constant download speed compared to Streamyx. If a user subscribe P1 Wimax package for 1.2 Mbps, the user would likely get connection speed slightly more than that. While Streamyx user usually get connection speed slightly below what they subscribed. Since the price for both Streamyx and P1 Wimax are not much different for every package, thus we have nothing to complain about price factor.

P1 Wimax vs Streamyx in term of bandwidth quota

Although P1 Wimax offers good connectivity and stability, it has one major weakness that is bandwidth quota. For each P1 Wimax package, the user is capped to a certain bandwidth limit. Once P1 Wimax user reaches the quota limit, connection speed will be capped to half of the subscribe price. Unlike P1 Wimax that depends on wireless, TM Net that relies on fiber and copper cable manage to give fixed-line to their subscribers. Using fixed line, TM Net manage to give unlimited bandwidth quota to almost all of their package. IMO, the only reason they give limit quota to package 512 kbps and below is to encourage customer to subscribe 1Mbps. What a devil business planning. And FYI, P1 Wimax also has an option for unlimited bandwidth quota but you need to subscribe for 24 months. Look nice but if you choose to unsubscribe because you are not happy with the service provided, you still need to pay for the monthly balance. Both of them are evil.

Since P1 Wimax has limited bandwidth quota, heavy internet user is not recommended to use P1 Wimax. 20 GB of P1 Wimax package can easily finished if you like to download movies and playing online games. However if you just a normal internet user, P1 Wimax is a good decision for you to receive a good internet speed for the entire month. If you worry about finishing the quota limit before end of the month, P1 Wimax has provided an option for bandwidth top up. The top up is available at RM10 price for every 2GB bandwidth.

Do you need portability

So are are an important guy who always need to bring your netbook or laptop where ever you go? Maybe for business purpose, or maybe you need for job assignment and meeting. If so, you might be relieved to know that P1 Wimax offers portable modem for additional RM20 every month. Unlike P1 Wimax that depends on wireless, it is impossible to have portable Streamyx since you need to connect to a line to access internet. Somehow, it is still possible for TM Net to offer portability just like P1 Wimax by installing wireless access point and provides customer with portable modem.

P1 Wimax reviews | Streamyx reviews

It is not fair to just depend on one review isn’t it? Hope these reviews will open your eyes in choosing the service that suits your need.

BlogAku – Fauzi shares a few problems that always occur at P1 Wimax service. He also shares how to handle and solve the problems. Lastly he provides you guidance to contact P1 Wimax customer service so that you will receive fast response from them.

KongTechnology – to choose a suitable broadband package for yourself, study the package offering – speed, max data transfer and so on and also the terms & conditions (eg whether there is any minimum period, tie-ins etc) before picking up a package. And also make sure you read their reviews and obtain feedback from your friends. Remember that the claimed coverage area may not always prove true. A suitable package might help you save a lot in long term. Let’s go online at the lowest cost possible.

Gadgets Emedia – For general surfing, we did not encounter any problems. We were able to load web pages, email and Facebook without any problems. Downloading large files was also fast. When downloading video and music content from the online storage website MegaUpload, there was no interruption at all. Watching videos on YouTube was also a trouble-free experience. In short, we could not find any downside to the P1 Wimax apart from it not being mobile (you need to have a power source to use it).

Cglow – lose to over a decade ago, a time when local calls were (nearly) free and i could logon to local BBS at 9.6kbps the whole night playing LORD, through the days when the Internet required Trumpet Winsock, to the bittorrents and youtube net life of today, i’ve pretty much stayed with TMNet as my ISP. Since it’s raya break and i’ve got time to burn i’m giving another local broadband provider a spin.

P1 is PacketOne, a subsidiary of greenpacket, which recently premier-ed WIMAX services in Malaysia. The WIMAX device offered is a black square brick, small enough for a home but probably not one for carrying around. Experience is pretty much plug and play, which i gathered means the device is pre-configured when i signed up with P1.

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