opera mini v5 released

By in Software Reviews on September 22, 2010

After end of the 3rd quarter of the year with stunning profit, opera comes with the latest mobile software which is opera mini 5.1 on september 9th, 2010. This version has already been released for Java, Android and BlackBerry phones and now available for others especially for my se w705 phone. Actually this version is updated from opera mini 4.2 which is widely used all over the world for mobile phone. With several updated features , opera mini 5.1 really make different and will lead the mobile browser for at least 2 years.

Here’s the summary of the stunning features that I said before.

Tabbed browsing….

Browse as many web sites at the same time. Change it from one to another with ease.

Speed Dial……

Just by one click, you can go to your favorite pages easily. Up to 9 space and you can bookmark any of your favorite site visually.

Long-click Menus…..

y hold the select button, you can perform actions such as opening in a new tab, copying and pasting. Just like your right hand click at the mouse.

Remember Passwords…….

Doesn’t have to remember any of your passwords, browse any of your favorite sites by one click.

Opera Link……

.easily synchronize your bookmark, search engines and speed dial through it between your phones and your PC.

Power Scrolling……

Now your keypad will be useful when browsing. Hit 2 and 8 to go up and down and use 4 and 6 to go left and right. the ‘5’ button used to zoom in or out. Click once, then you’ll see how fast it scrolls to your desired paragraph or images.

Not to mention its crazy speed, URL auto-completion services, shortcuts, full screen view so you can just zoom it in where you need, you can feel this is the first class mobile browser.  I enjoyed using opera mini 5.1 for now. hope it’ll improve later on with the speed, download function and create more shortcuts.

Download opera mini 5.1 at opera page…

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