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  • Online dictionary using Google Translate

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    google anime

    Besides MyKamus, there is another great service provided by Google for translation purpose that is Google Translate and citcat. Since this tool is provided by Google, it is nothing to be surprised to see a translator that is so great. For citcat, it is quite good as well. Since citcat is developed by Malaysian, their phrase translation is very good compared Google Translate. Both of them has their own pros and cons. You can try both.

    Support many languages

    This is nothing to be surprised about since Google have their company in each country. Using this tool, it helps me learning Arabic since I can use it to translate Malay to Arabic.

    Translating sentences

    Although Google Translate can’t give result suggestion like MyKamus, it can translate sentences. You can see the how I translate sentences from BM to BI in the picture below.

    google translate

    Translating sentence into appropriate word

    After a few years Google Translate being introduced, the service has become more intelligent by giving proper translation for sentences. For example these are the translation of single word by using the online BM to BI dictionary :

    • boleh = can
    • diharap = expected


    Logically, the results would show ‘can expected’ if ‘boleh diharap’ is the input. However the online dictionary shows something different that is ‘reliable’. The translated word really fits the terms. That why I said Google Translate has become more and more intelligent.


    Translating a web page

    Besides translating sentences, you can translating a whole web page by putting the link of the web page inside the box and press ‘translate’. Lucky, I am able to surf a Chinese websites to download a soundtrack for my group presentation by using this tool.

    Ps: I hope Google will create something that can translate words inside image. This will help me to read manga comic books  that only available in Japanese.

    Pss: You can treat Google Translate as your kamus dewan online.


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    • Thanks for sharing this bro….very helpful to me..i want to improve my english like u bro…

    • Just keep writing :)

      Sometimes I wonder whether is it okay to write in BM and then use Google Translate to translate it into English… can it rank well in Search Engine.

      Maybe need to do some experiment in later time.

    • Honestly my eng is so bad. Damn!
      After 7 years belajar still bad
      like GT, still bad like me ;(
      Neway good info for this :)

    • Very nice sharing dude. But really hard for me :'(

      aku pakai ackuna 😀 google translate kdg2 jauh sgt ralat dia haha