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For your information, I’m an ‘otaku Manga’. Although I love to read manga, but I rarely watch anime. (Probably,  anime is slower than manga). If you’re the one who got the same interest like me, you must wonder where I get resources to read the latest manga.
For me, is the best place to read manga online.

1. Onemanga has the latest episode for one piece, Naruto and Eyeshield manga.

for surely there are many more webpage can be used to read manga online but only in Onemanga only you can get hottest manga like One Piece, Naruto, and Eye shield 21. Most of the websites there have the following manga, but not all up-to-date as OneManga.

2. Onemanga take care of its readers.

How Onemanga get ‘income’ through this site? Certainly with Adsense. Imagine for reading online, you need to click next to be redirect to the next page. And imagine if an episode of the manga has 20 pages, how much money can be obtained through CPM (cost per thousand impressions)?

Quite impressive right? 

Despite using Adsense to earn income, Onemanga not too obsessed to put advertisement. Every time they want to add or placing ads, they will ask whether readers view will affected by ads presence or not. This is to ensure that readers are comfortable in this OneManga and not like in an advertisement center.

Sometimes, there are also some ads that load so slow in Onemanga and make the reader angry. Onemanga took it as a serious issue and will try their best to remove these ads from the site.

3. RSS System on Onemanga

Actually no RSS button in Onemanga and also no place for subscribing Onemanga. But if you use Opera, you can see the RSS icon on the right of the Onemanga address bar. Just click the icon to subscribe Onemanga. If, there any latest update on OneManga, Opera will publish notification to inform you with about that. If you want to look back at the notifications list, just take a quick view on Feeds in Opera.



4. Onemanga forum is very active.

If you are interested to share stories about manga and discuss the latest issues regarding the manga, OneManga is the appropriate place to do so. This is because this site has a number of more than 30’000 people and the average number of members online reached 3000 daily. Those only members, not including the visitors. So, could you imagine how much money obtained by Onemanga every month through Adsense?

most active forum

The only weakness of Onemanga…!!

The biggest Onemanga weakness is you cannot download manga from this page. Reading online only allowed. If you also want to download, you can go to websites such as StopTazmo or Null. Unfortunately, you will not be able to download the latest manga. So, whether we like it or not we have to read at OneManga.

How to download faster from onemanga..!!

Actually I don’t like read manga online because the Internet where I was not very fast. So, I can’t enjoy reading manga. So, what I do is save each page in a folder. It is not easy to save each page one by one. But……….

download at onemanga

Fortunately I have the Opera web browser. With Opera I just need to go to the Transfer and enter the location of the first page of any episode in the Quick download section to be downloaded. For your information, you only need to change the number of pages to download the next page (other address structures remain the same). Within 2 minutes you can download the whole episode. Now you are able to read manga smoothly in your PC without the need to wait for adsence loading and others.

Ps: To read the manga on a PC, I suggest you use the PicWalker software. But requires a small change settings for a better result.

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    A fellow fan!!! ^_^!!! I love manga, I wish I had more time to fit it into my busy day 🙁 the only manga i’m currently reading is Naruto (and i know that’s very follow the croud of me) Ack! How do you make the time for it! =3