Why laptop cooler is necessity

By in Computer Guide on January 10, 2011

Having a laptop as desktop replacement is pretty common especially for a college student. I open my laptop for around 10 hours a day thus proper cooling is needed if I don’t want my laptop to undergo severe “health” issue.

Power on your laptop for a long time means your processor and on-board graphic tends to be hot. If your computer is over heating go to Reboot Computer Repairs –>>. Hotness more than 50 degree can make your laptop performance going down. Besides, you just reduce the lifespan of the laptop processor, hard disk, and especially battery. For further elaboration, you can spend some time to read how temperature can affect a lithium ion battery life.

Actually I already have a free gift notebook cooler that I got when buying my notebook. But somehow the performance is quite terrible. Besides, the bottom of the notebook cooler is not cover thus means I cannot use it at surface that is not flat such as bed.

Then I came across a notebook cooler created by Cooler Master. Though the price is a bit expensive, but it suit my needs. Thus I present Notepal U2 by Cooler Master.


What makes this notebook cooler a good choice? First, it give the ability to move the fans to anywhere I want to. My Toshiba laptop tends to be hotter at the left part compare to other part. Thus, placing the cooler fans at the hotter part should be the best option.


Second, you can entirely remove the fans from the body of notebook cooler. Guess why someone want to do so? So that you can put your laptop inside it and make it easier to keep both of them in your notebook bag. Otherwise, the notebook cooler will consume too much space.


2 thoughts on “Why laptop cooler is necessity

  1. 1

    apesal pula tu.
    guna AMD ke bro.

  2. 2

    Tak de la.. Intel Core i3.
    Pakai laptop tapi nk guna macam desktop. Jadi kena la beli cooler.