Need for Speed Most Wanted final pursuit

By in Entertainment on September 30, 2010

I am a good follower of Need for Speed racing game. Though Need for Speed Most Wanted is not the latest one, I am sure many gamers would feel Need for Speed Most Wanted as the best among other Need for Speed series.

The most notable difference about NFSMW is the storyline. Although the cut scene only appear in beginning and ending, at least you know what is going on. Here a bit about NFSMW storyline, you was a top racer in a city and then someone called Razor challenged you for a race. Razor used dirty trick to beat you. Not enough with that, he took your car too. That’s when you need to start your career as street racer again and make your way to the top so that you can fight Razor again.

career 100 

Beating Razor is not the hardest part. The real pain in the ass comes right after you beat Razor. The final stage that is so called The Final Pursuit needs you to escape the city in Pursuit Level 6. Pursuit Level 6 means you will face a lot of police car, almost everywhere.

There is no cool down in the Final Pursuit. What you can do is just avoid all of the police cars. After five minutes of running, Mia will contact you to say that she just cleared the pathway to the old bridge.

Make your way to the old bridge, press n2o, keep speeding, and then jump across the broken bridge. Look in the mirror and you will see the bastard cops fall down in the river. Laugh all the way you want because now you is the Most Wanted.

NOTE: To beat the Final Pursuit, you need to at least familiar with NFSMW road since you cannot access map during the pursuit. I took three hours of trying to become the Most Wanted. This is what I do, firstly I find my way to the bus station and then go up to either busses or ramp. There is a glitch in Most Wanted that make police cars have no sense of height. They know that you’re up there but they don’t know how to reach you. Once Mia called you, just make your way to the old bridge that is not so far. If you have problem remembering road, print your own map (you can capture snapshot by pressing F12).

final pursuit most wanted

Become the Most Wanted by beating Final Pursuit doesn’t make your Career Completion become 100 percent. You need to finish all races in Career Mode to get 100 percent completion. However, nothing good will happen although you manage to complete Career Mode.

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