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Besides Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Penang is quite busy as well. Penang is an island that have lots of shopping places. Now Penang even have a shopping place focusing on digital items called Digital Mall. It is located in Komtar. Lot of things are sold here including DSLR camera, anti virus programs, and latest phones.

If you are one of the business owner in Penang especially in gadget business, it is wise to expand your business by selling your products online. The easiest platform to do this is by using classified site. Not only you can list products for free, the site even receives huge amount of traffics everyday.

Using online platform can boost your business daily sales thus means extra bucks at the end of the month. Here are some quick tips to help you get started in Mudah Penang. First, people will only buy from the person they trust. Thus if you are active in any forum such as Lowyat, it is wise to state the fact in your listing so that potential buyers know you are real. This is quite important as I have heard a lot of scammers in Mudah today.

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Then, you can also provide cash on delivery. Lots of potential buyers are actually more interested in doing cash on delivery compared to postage. By doing COD, they can save some money that would be used for postage. On the other hand, they can check the quality of a product and make sure the item is fully functioning before paying for them.

To increase the number of buyers, you can provide warranty as well. I know it is quite a pain to handle customer warranty but the benefits of doing this is so enormous. Let say people buy your product online and after a few months something happen to the product. By providing warranty, they are forced to visit your shop. This will build trust and since the buyer already know the location of your real shop, they will be more keen to give your shop a visit to buy other related products as well.

As the conclusion, it is important to have a reputable status to be a successful seller on Mudah or other online selling platforms. However one need to remember that reputable status will only come for those that has conducted lot of deals and has massive experience. Thus it is very important for a business owner to start their online venture now because the gap between competitors are not that far yet.

Don’t let your competitors monopolize Mudah easily and reap the profits by themselves.

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