Minilyric , the best lyrics finder

By in Software Reviews on August 1, 2009

Minilyrics is a great software to automatically display lyric when you are listening to song. All of the lyrics are loaded from minylyrics database. Luckily minilyrics has a huge database, that means minilyric has almost all lyrics in world.

Furthermore, minilyrics is designed to work with many audio player such as winamp and itunes. So, you do not need to switch to different player to use this wonderful lyrics finder.

Where do they get the lyrics from? Of course from us. Many people contribute to minilyrics by uploading lyrics that hasn’t been upload yet.

If you want to contribute, make sure you know that Minilyrics use  LRC format. A format that can display the exact line of a lyric at the right time.

You can find and download minilyrics here.

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