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  • Megamind movie review

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    Sometimes evil-doer is not born to become an evil. Sometimes a human become evil because of the surrounding environment. And sometimes the hoodlum will become a life saver once they is needed by society.


    And that’s what Megamind animation movie is about. This a 2010 animation movie but in case you forgot to watch it, I am here to give some reminder. If you don’t want to buy the DVD after reading this review, you can just watch the movie online.

    megamind movie

    I am sure you will think that animation movie is meant for children. But that is not true at all for Megamind movie. This movie teach you about how surrounding is important for a human character building.

    I know you hate spoilers so I will just share a glimpse of what the movie is about. This movie shows two different person from different planet that collided at the same time. One landed in a human house, and the other one landed in a prison. Then you will see how those two grow up and how environment affected them.


    It’s really rare to watch a movie that will make you feel pity to the evil-goer instead of the hero. If you love Mr.Incredible, you must watch Megamind as the juicy actions are still there but added with some spicy emotions.

    So what are you waiting for? Watch this movie with your kids and wife, and get ultimate satisfaction and happiness.


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