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If I am not mistaken, Manga is comic in Japan language. Manga has become a symptom for many of us right now. I like to read manga too. For me, reading manga is better than watching its anime (Japanese animation). So, below is a few thing that I find might help people that like to read manga.

Related software to read manga:

1. Picwalker: (download ) (tutorial in Malay) (tutorial in English)

  • I use this software to read manga. Using picwalker, you can make line all of the image into a vertical line. That means you do not need to turn from page to page, but just need to scroll your mouse.
  • Then, you can just zoom by using – and + keyboard shortcut. However you need to change the filter setting first so that the image will still look nice after zooming.
  • Another best thing is that this software is portable.
  • However, please note that anti virus might notify that this software contain malware that harm your computer. I am getting this issue at Kaspersky. So, it’s up to you to use it or not.
  • Since the developer for PicWalker has not support this software anymore and the main site is already closed, I host the installer at my hosting. 

2. MMCE (Mangameeya CE Win 32): (download)

  • This is another great software to read manga. You just need to use left and right mouse button to navigate to next or previous page. The awesome thing is that the page flips just like you’re reading a real manga comic book.
  • Then, you can make two page into one screen so that it will become like a real manga book (However, I am just using the normal single page since my monitor is only 15 inch).
  • You can also change the setting so that you can read it  in one long page just like Picwalker. MMCE has more features compare to Picwalker but I prefer Picwalker more for its simplicity.
  • The best of all, both of them can read archieve file such as .zip and .rar. So, you do not need to extract them. This will also save more space in your hard disk and make your PC more tidy.

Software to download manga from online manga website:

There are a few sites that allow us to download manga. However, most of the manga the manga that available are not fresh. Most of fresh manga can only be read online. For me, I like to keep my favourite manga rather than just read them online. Lucky, software below helps me very much.

1. IDM (Internet Download Manager) (visit)

  • At IDM, there is a tool for batch download. Since most of online manga host their file with sequential name such as pg04, pg05, pg06, so we can manipulate this style of naming for bulk / batch download using IDM.
  • For some online manga website, you can just right click and choose Download All With IDM. This will make IDM filter all links on the website. Then, you just need to select appropriate file (image file) and proceed to download.

2. DomDomSoft Manga Downloader (visit) (tutorial)

  • This is the easiest way to extract manga from online manga websites.
  • Using this software, you just need to choose the website, the manga name and then click download. That’s all.
  • For full version (cost USD15 for lifetime license), you can filter the manga by genre and then you can queue your favourite manga so that it will automatically download when the latest chapter released.
  • Very simple and easy, isn’t it? I wonder how he get the idea to make this software. Even the free version is great enough for me.

Where to read manga online and download manga?

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Where to read manga online?

  • (To get info about scanlator and manga)

Where to download manga?

  • (Just like social bookmarking for manga)

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