Lost season 6: Final Season

By in Entertainment on February 27, 2010

If you followed Lost tv series starting from the first season, I am sure you must really awaiting for this final season which will conclude a lot of mysteries and secrets along all of the Lost season. I like the way how the director make this series more attractive by inserting flashback and sometimes fast forward between the current time.

Although Lost season 6 is already out, ASTRO (AXN) is really slow because they just showed Lost season 5 first episode last week.

Here I list a few mysteries that I think will be solved in this final season. Beware, contain spoilers. Don’t continue if you still do not watch the previous season (unless you want to be spoiled).

The black cloud

The black cloud is a monster in the island that already appear since season 1. The cloud is really mysterious, sometimes it can disguise itself as someone you know so that you would confuse and follow everything it said.

In season 6 first episode, we will know the black cloud is actually Jacob’s rival. He’s actually trying to kill Jacob by using the Oceanic passengers who are crashed at the island since he cannot kill Jacob directly due to some rules.

He said that this is because he want to go home but I am still not sure what he means by ‘home’.


Jacob name is already be mentioned since season 3 but the first Jacob appearance is in season 5 final episode. At first, I thought that Jacob is fake so that Ben and Richard can manipulate John Locke. However it turns that Jacob is real.

Actually, Jacob already appear in this tv series since season 1 but not in the island. He used to make contact with all of the major characters in lost even before they came to the island. This is because Jacob intended to make them as his candidates.

In my opinion, both Jacob and the black cloud are spiritual who have God power. They can see the future however they need to recreate what they see in order for the future to become true.

If you still remember in previous season, Waltz (Michael’s son) is a mysterious boy. Sometimes he appeared at a place he wasn’t supposed too. I am sure that that Waltz is either Jacob or the black cloud but I still do not sure why they need to go through all the hassle to disguise as Waltz.

Hope in this final season all of the mysteries will be unfold.

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